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  1. MuddyBoots

    Tomato growing this year

    Do green tomatoes ripen better in the dark Ian? I just presumed a sunny windowsill is best but maybe your method is better. Or does it depend whether you want quick ripening, or slow to store them for longer. Nick.
  2. Hi all I grew Sweet Williams the first time from seed last year and they flowered brilliantly this year, they make great cut flowers with a good fragrance. Question is, is it worth keeping them for another year (I'm short of space)? They're biennials I think so in theory should not flower again, but the plants look healthy enough so I'll try. Has anyone else got more than one season from them? Nick.
  3. MuddyBoots

    Tomato growing this year

    I had slow ripening outside too, so I picked them all green a few weeks ago (to avoid the blight) and put them on the window sills inside - using all our tupperware. Just about keeping up with them ripening with making chutney and soup. Already got next year's seeds, going to try Outdoor Girl for the first time.

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