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  1. On 01/11/2019 at 11:36, EarthBoy said:

    It seems a bit out of the way for a Wetherspoons.

    It's actually a very suitable location for a Wetherspoons, adjacent to a shopping  centre and retail park as well as being in the community hub for    south east Sheffield. I expect it to perform well like the ones in Meadowhall, Hillsborough and Woodseats do. 


    Amazed it's taken this long for one to spring up in the Crystal Peaks / Drakehouse area to be honest    👀


  2. We need a suburban rail  network like Manchester. 

    I think there is potential for the tram train scheme to utilise  the lines from Carbrook to Darnall via Attercliffe and then through Victoria to Neepsend, Wadsley bridge and all the way to Stocksbridge. The other way it can run through Woodhouse, Beighton, Killamarsh...

    I personally would never have to drive again if that came to fruition. All lines and stations which used to exist.



  3. I think it mainly stems from older days when service jobs like taxing and waiting / waitressing didn't pay much.


    I know some taxi drivers who own the vehicles they drive in and they don't always get remunerated mileage costs by the firm they drive for, so I suppose a quid or two on top of the fare is...fair :hihi:

  4. Anything that involves tunnelling is probably a non-starter because of prohibitive cost.


    The Council have ambitions to have a "mass transit" route up to NGH. It could be a tram route, but a couple of hundred million is an awful lot of money, especially when you have to find half of it locally.



    The fact that the local political leaders in South Yorkshire can't even bring themselves to sign up to the devolution deal that would bring in an extra £30m per annum in funding makes getting the local contributions for major transport infrastructure even more difficult.


    A revised route could see the only underground sections being going under St Mary's Gate and then the new stop at Castle Square. The tunnels would be the same sort of length as the one which currently goes under Brookhill roundabout.


    Would still be costly though so we're unlikely to see it any time soon, for the reasons you've mentioned.

  5. I think an ideal line would run from the south west into the city centre and then head north.


    From Dore it could follow Abbydale road in its entirety up to London Road, then go underground and follow the route of Eyre Street / Arundel Gate to Castle Square, where new platforms could be created on the same level the hole in the road used to be. The line would re-emerge near the old market, cross the Don and proceed up the Wicker, Spital Hill Hill, through Pitsmoor and to the Northern General.


    This is obviously a complete dream, and the costs, disruption and logistics would probably mean this route could never really be built :hihi:

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