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  1. Jerseyjoe

    Hinde House Comprehensive

    Hi , my name is David Simpson I attended Hinde House 61/65 my last class was 4L2 ,i would love to contact any of them here are some of the names .Alan McKenna ,Mick simpkins ,Mick Longden (Spike)Richard Davis .Paul Davis (Broady)Kathleen Ward ,Susan Orrel,Susan Byrne,and any body else from that time.Thanks David.
  2. Jerseyjoe

    Hello and sorry.

    Hello to you too ,I made the same mistake.
  3. Jerseyjoe

    Introduction to forum.

    I am also a newbie can’t wait to join all the discussions.
  4. Jerseyjoe

    Your newest member!

    I lived in Florida for 5 years and loved it but i am lucky to have 3 homes ,Sheffield,Jersey and Portugal.
  5. Jerseyjoe

    Introduction (too short title)

    It’s a brilliant way to find old friends.
  6. Jerseyjoe

    Introduction to the forum

    Hi I am also new to the forum ,as I see you have to reply to 5 posts before I log my own post !

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