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  1. Can anyone recommend someone to do this? (It's for a website)
  2. The Roma seem very different to previous immigrant community's (ie From sub continent). The mind set seems so different
  3. If you think radio Sheffield try radio Nottingham. It's like Alan Partridge every day......
  4. Ok I don't mean a clean split but there are obviously clear areas if you have ever lived in Birmingham (for example) and the data map shows it
  5. Sorry I was trying to edit the post on my phone
  6. Thanks that's interesting. Was migration from the sub continent not such a big thing in Sheffield as In other areas during the 50s etc?
  7. In Birmingham & the black country there quite a few areas which are very obviously split down on race and religion. This is obvious from the result of immigration in the 1950s/1960s For example Sparkbrook is a predominately Muslim area Smethwick is very much a Sikh area and Alum Rock is very much Black African This is very obvious and it is isnt a criticism , it just the way the city has evolved. There is quite a bit of data to back this up. Does Sheffield have such a split of areas? or is to small a place for that to happen?
  8. Am looking for best Asian grocers for whole spices etc in Sheffield. I know of Ozmans but they don't seem to have lots of Indian spices. Where else can I go ?
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