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  1. They are ALL Year 1 - 6 yr olds thanks for the info ..we are pretty much booked up now until September unfortunately, but we are always looking for options
  2. School Year 1 Team looking for useful friendlies with U6 or U7 teams , Approximately 14/15 players meaning 2 x 15 minute games or 1 team could play 2 x - 15 minute per half games regards Keith
  3. Inside Morrisons in Staveley Chesterfield (independant PC and Phone repairs) £30 for an Apple SE - £50 quoted in Woodseats I'm in Dronfield so may be a little far for yourself ??
  4. I've got the number plate ... he is that erratic but what can the police do unless they catch him in the act... I've seen him do it twice but I'm sure he's a constant menace to other road users, I swear some of the manouvres are frightening and It takes a lot for someone of my age to be shocked by the happenings in this world, and in 30 plus years on the road I've seen some things ... I merely hope someone knows who he is and curbs his moronic driving 3 strikes and I'm on the blower ... too many school runs to be silent.
  5. Anyone else seen this clown swerving in and out of traffic on Meadowhead @ 8.45 ish in the morning - I swear he's going to kill someone, then he turns onto Abbey Lane past the primary school He overtakes on the wrong side of the road - uses bus lanes, bullies traffic like he has a death wish - not 100% sure but I'm sure there is a child in the back too
  6. Trying to get to Dronfield from Morrisons, Police van was turning cars back to Woodseats finished up going through Millhouses and up Twentywell Lane to get home took 20 mins, I'd probably be still at Meadowhead with the queue that was forming. Hope nobody is seriously hurt. That roundabout is ridiculous why it isn't traffic light controlled?? especially near a major school
  7. Hi Hippo Thanks for the advice, I meant by that term it's in hand means I know how the DPS situation works and will deal with accordingly(current tenants require their funds back) and I used the insured option myself unfortunately circumstances are too good to miss for my tenants and can only wish them well I expected them to be there longer I did the lowering of the rent scenario and a two year freeze we were on a month by month with my current tenants as they were prompt and looking after the house as if it was their own also drew up a NEW contract it cost me £270.00 to keep them but hey ho! Not taking the 1st offer is sound advice, my partner will do the viewing and she is good at sussing out the wrong uns. I think where I am falling down is how to go about the credit checks once I find a suitor. I have 2 months as that is what we agreed at the onset of the contract and the people I have now are honorable enough to stay until I find new tenants or the 2 months is up. At the moment I have been spoilt, but you hear such horror stories I don't want any Tom Dick or Dodgy Git in there. Thanks for the advice
  8. I have a tenancy agreement drawn up with the current tenants who have been great the house is immaculate as it was done up to be our 1st home sadly we decided to move abroad shortly after but I am back in the UK . I was with a letting agent and took the tenants off them but due to personal circumstance of the tenant being offered a Housing Association house earlier than expected I now have to advertise on my own for the 1st time. What do I require for credit checks as I've never had to do this?? and what can I expect?? I am 7 years into the buy to let situation so I am aware of most of the pitfalls just this is a NEW entity of not using letting agents for services. If I get any issue my mrs is the rottweiller and even I don't mess with her lolol ---------- Post added 28-08-2017 at 14:14 ---------- Already done but thanks Mafya DPS in place with current tenants so will have to transfer ---------- Post added 28-08-2017 at 14:14 ---------- Thanks Jeffrey already in hand
  9. I am about to advertise a nice house 3 bed house in the Hillsborough area as a stand alone landlord for the 1st time, I have gone through letting agents previously which I feel is an unnecessary cost. Has anyone any advice on the do's and don't from experience Thanks for your replies Mini-Me
  10. ERRRR No ... about as much as you would have to supply toilet paper!!
  11. Right... I would advertise them to anybody buying a car they have been absolutely fantasic all the way through hence they admitted it was an admin error and couldn't apologise enough. The general manager admitted he had no idea how it had happened, and asked ''what I wanted to make me happy'' My reply was the ball is in your court, to which he replied '' He thought about providing free servicing for 2 years - as you do I asked for 3 years free servicing which he had no hesitation in accepting - to be honest because they felt so embarrassed and told me the truth instead of trying to cover up the error I would have probably accepted the apology and a free mug lol but hey ho if you don't try you don't get Great people and an honest and professional outfit - please use Toyota Chesterfield you won't be disappointed, but DO check the mileage
  12. Yes its a diesel, that was my compromise I wanted petrol due to the uncertainty of diesel engines and the obvious green issue. Toyota Rav 4 2 year old. 15 Reg
  13. I,ve just picked up my new but used vehicle today from a main dealer who at the moment shall remain nameless. The docs say 14500 miles and was clearly advertised as such but having picked up today the mileage was 22500 miles, now I did test drive it but was more concerned with the ride quality than looking at the odometer, granted I should have paid more attention. I'm in a quandry as to how to approach this with the very friendly and approachable staff, I genuinely think this is an honest mistake but would impact my resale of this vehicle as effectively this is 1yrs mileage more on average. Has anybody else experienced this and has anyone any suggestions p.s the value is 15k so not to be sniffed at but i did get what I thought and still think considering the above a good deal.
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