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  1. Hi guys, I've posted before and I'm merely here on this forum at the moment because Sheffield had always been my top destination to come and live. Note the use of 'had' - worries have started to creep in. Every time I search Sheffield news (I've had an invested interest since deciding), I hear about a new stabbing. There really is an eeriness to all the bad news I've read lately. That really is about the last 3 times I've looked someone's been stabbed or attempted to be killed. Can someone fill me in - is it really as dangerous as my tiny brain would have me believe?
  2. Serious mate?? So it's really not expensive is it? I hought being 5th largest city or whatever it is would make the prices a little expensive.. but a 3 bed for 700.... that's nothing!
  3. Just thought that myself mate.. Look, I'm looking at a 1 bedroom flat in a decent area around 700 quid. Loads on Rightmove I can see for the areas in West and South. Just simply asking which are the areas just not to got to.. haha
  4. As title says.. Are they really that bad? Shootings all the time etc? Where would my best bet for renting be? Mostly west and south side?
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