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  1. My partner needs to contact this lady a.s.a.p. Lyndsay owns a salon in handsworth sheffield. Can anyone provide a phone number please? She does know who my partner is but, shes lost her number and partner has changed hers , plus we moved home since last contact last year.
  2. Teeth & eyes. Need i say more?
  3. Loved it...but a couple of niggles. Im wondering if anyone else noticed before i mention them .
  4. Ive seen this film 3 times now and wondering what any of you think to it?
  5. If you met someone who said they were in an "Open relationship" how would view them? How would you view the lifestyle? Have you been or in an open relationship? Does it work?
  6. Where can i take the mrs and kids for a picnic on sunday in sheffield? Somewhere that has a place to shelter if it rains and somewhere thats not far from the car.
  7. EXACTLY! I think they should donate some of their salary, if theyre supposed to be helping the homeless
  8. Well ive stated my opinion , it doesnt need to be pointed out as its obvious.
  9. Ive had the un/fortunate chance of visiting charity head offices...Mercs, range rovers, bmws all sit neatly in reserved for management car parking spaces, so i wont be funding those. Ill continue to help street dwellers. If its money theyre asking for, its money ill give. Its up to them how they spend it. It may not be used for drugs or alcohol, im not judging them like alot of you are.
  10. If i gave someone some cash for a taxi and it crashed and killed them, would that me by fault too? Youre talking twaddle. Anything could be "potential" as you put it.
  11. Im happy to hand over my cash as its not all street dwellers who are addicts. I dont really care what they spend the money on anyway. What i so care about is that whatever they do spend the money on will give them some feeling of ease of mind....no matter what produces that. When ive handed over my money, (and no one has the right to tell me how to spend it) its then their money, and they have the right to spend it on what they want. I met one chap who saved every penny that he collected. ( it took him 7 weeks) and booked himself into travelodge for 2 nights during the winter. So who are you to assume it goes on drugs. He was able to sleep , eat, shower and have peace of mind for 2 nights
  12. More people are suffering from allergies because of new products like air freshener, (esp sprays and plug ins.) Scented candles,laundry products with various smells etc, shampoos with added aromas etc...need i go on...At the end of the day theyre chemicals... fact. Back in the day we werent cooped up in the house on game consuls etc, we were out in the fresh air. I know from personal experience , what its like to be out in the fresh air then go into someones home with plug ins everywhere. I cough, i sneeze , i wheeze. I didnt have this issue before these products became the norm.so there you have it :-)
  13. Is anyone having problems sending and recieving sms today?
  14. When you see these beggers as you call them, do you ever think about their story?. Why they are there? Why they are homeless and destitute? Whether they be drug/alcohol dependent or have lost employment, mortgage, family or suffer sheer agony of mental health issues. Do you think anyone would drink or use drugs deliberately to end up like that? Seriously? Yes there are the few that weve all heard of, that sit all day out doors then seemingly drive off in a car provided by the motability charity. I dont like to make judgement but, the ones who are sat on the floor, outside, on very wet , windy & very very cold days are more likely to be the ones who need your help the most. Those who do it who are scamming folk, may have a warm home to be sat in on those dark days. You can see lives & plight of the genuine etched on their faces , the pain , the loss and loneliness. Dont' judge just be generous . There but for the grace of god go you.... I will still give them money and they can spend it on what they need even if it is drugs or alcohol, they will get their uphoria even if only for a little while.
  15. Male or female. Must be babies so can be reared to be friendly. Experienced family home waiting.
  16. Is there anywhere in sheffield where i can show off my musical knowledge ?...ie music quiz? Im thinking setting one up, if not
  17. Thanks guys. We are now spoiled for choice lol ---------- Post added 08-09-2018 at 12:12 ---------- Does abbeydale industial hamlet still have open days?
  18. Is there anywhere in sheffield i can take the grandchildren thats free and where they can get involved to take part in something either tomorrow or sunday
  19. My partner has lost her hair dressers phone number and dont know the name of her salon at handsworth. Can anyone help find contact for her please. Shes a geordie lass and her salon is at handsworth somewhere in sheffield. All help appreciated.
  20. Where in or nearest to sheffield is there a camp site with a river or stream running by?
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