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  1. Is there anywhere in Sheffield or South Yorkshire where I can buy an adults electric scooter with a seat, that is British made? Not a mobility scooter.
  2. We are all probably aware of the organ donation card but...if one has a family member who we know that in the future may need an organ donation, can we leave our organ for them should we die?. Can the medical team take the organ and preserve it for when that day arrives, it would then be available for the family member?
  3. We have a family of foxes who live at the end of our lane. They come to be fed and are very tame. They keep coming back with more cubs . They're quite cute
  4. Can anyone help me please? My Samsung S6 isnt connecting to data or wifi. I have to keep putting it into flight mode then turning off and on for it to connect. Its contanstly. I can send and recieve sms no problems but the internet just wont work. Ive got wifi on my tablet etc so its not the internet or phone provider. Any ideas anyone?
  5. Having took the mother in law to her routine appointment today at the hallamshire, im niggled about how many people sit in disabled bays waiting in the car while whoever theyre with goes in for their appointment/visit etc There was chaos today as the car park was full and there were no disabled places for those who need them....not me by the way. If those who sat in the car with the blue parking badge on display would drive away and park on a back street it would leave places to park for the disabled drivers who have appointments who attend alone but cant get a space. Maybe next time youre sat occupying a disabled bay , please consider moving on and parking elsewhere , you c an still use your passengers blue parking badge . Then you can just come back later on to pick your passenger up
  6. Just up from jack in the box entrance to field. . Whats happened?
  7. Well they risk their health with smoking so a bit of rain wont hurt the smokers. Theres an easy solution....STOP SMOKING
  8. What are the rules of smoking at outdoor eating areas in sheffield. My overseas visitor and i were having a lovely meal at an outdoor eatery in the city but it was spoiled by people smoking in that area. Isnt there supposed to be a permitted distance from the buildings, doorways and food areas?
  9. Ive a friend over from abroad and fancy sitting outside somewhere nice on ecclesall road tomorrow (sunday)that dont charge extortionate prices for a coffee or a tea . Any ideas anyone?
  10. My mother in law is looking for a pub quiz mate aged 55-62. Male or female. Non smoker preferred.
  11. What i meant was. .its private so that whoever prints it off cant read it. Not that its private and i want all evidence of the print log destroying. Its private to me and i dont want a nosey printer offer reading it in some back office 🙄
  12. Im wanting to use the photo copier myself as the files are private
  13. Does any one know where in sbeffield i can use a photo copier myself then pay for the copies?
  14. Its a rarely used tablet just over a year old. Yes i am un plugging it WHEN it eventually does charge up . It takes about 4 days
  15. Can anyone offer a solution please? It charges then starts draining and its not even swtiched on. Cheers
  16. Sneaky vapers are starting to affect my health. I have life long history of lung conditions. I could never go on nights out with smokers and then they banned smoking in public places. Yippee!!! Now we have sneaky vapers who are again selfish enough to try to hide themsevles vaping but, they forget they have to breathe out!! Its a very selfish attitude to vape or smoke anywhere public. The chemicals / aerosols used in vapes affect my breathing along with many others who have lung conditions too. Go outside please! Or stop complately. Its not right and its not fair.
  17. Is there a totally free family mediation *************** service in sheffield? Any contacts / phone numbers aprreciated.
  18. For the mrs . stylist over 40 preferred Non smoker Must be able to prove experience
  19. My wifes mother is looking at rehoming a dog. Not a big one , or a small one. She cannot afford to buy one but can and will pay pet insurance and feeding . She has trained dogs in the past and knows her stuff but now is looking for a dog companion. If anyone has a healthy house trained dog that can be proved to be good around anyone and everyone that they need to give away to a good home then message me please.
  20. Quote.... In the UK, yes, it is regarded as obscene language and to spout out a load of swearing in public is a breach of sec.5 of the Public Order Act 1986. If you did it (it would have to be witnessed by a police officer or PCSO, we don’t take retrospective reports of it) you would get a statutory warning to basically tone down the language. If you carry on you will get arrested. It carries a fine if you don’t later get a caution for it. The same goes for swearing written on signage, tee shirts, placards...unquote
  21. In days gone by the local plod wouldve have them (male or female) dragged by the earlobe to the parents but, these days the parents think its funny. Isnt it a public order offence to swear in public?
  22. Due to not being able to look for a bargain in classifieds? Its taking rather a long time and people maybe going elsewhere.
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