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  1. My sister is going away for 6 weeks in April.  What will happen if she should test positive for covid before she flies back home?

    Where would she stay, who would pay for the extra stay? Who is going to allow a person who has tested  positive to stay at their hotel/country etc  because they won't be allowed to come home?

    Who would pay for the flight home when given the all clear? 

    Cheers guys 

  2. Tell that to the authorities of the country im going too that won't let me in unless I produce a certificate declaring me covid free , taken with 72 hours prior of landing at my holiday destination. The testing places here in sheffield are NHS and cant provide the test  , I have to get one  elsewhere but where???

  3. On 18/09/2017 at 15:19, Itrytoplease said:

    My last review was at home, I didn't notice it taking any longer in 1/ waiting time and 2/ the length of the interview.

    Mine was arranged by "Manor & Castle" advice/help centre" so I'm not sure how it was done, one thing for sure is you need someone with a title or company behind you,

    though a Doctors letter may do it (he/she is titled)

    It's sad to say, but I believe when individuals apply it gets knocked back just for the fun of it (and to see if you really need/want it enough to re-apply/appeal) but with a name behind you their more likely to take an intrest.

    I have to disagree somewhat. My friend does all her own pip stuff and to be honest if one is genuinely disabled, there shouldn't be a problem.  I sometimes wonder why people are so worried about these interviews/assessments.  Forgive me if I seem harsh I don't mean to be but surely it surely can be proved with consultant letter and being able to see and talk to the claimant...i know not every  disability is apparent but thats where consultant letters come in, isn't it?  

  4. looking at the website , it says that there will be no one to assist to help due to covid , understandably, but what if a disabled person  needs to take things and can't physically get up the steps to the skips/containers?

    The person doesn't have anyone to help them . I cant as my leg is in a cast due to football injury 

  5. My brother suffers from depression & anxiety and we usually go fishing or just to a nice tranquil area to cloud watch and chill.

    At the moment his anxiety levels are soaring and he needs to get out  

    Does anyone know if the government have made  allowances  for people like my brother?

    Can he drive somewhere and me follow in my car then chill out somewhere quiet but 2 metres apart? 

    I think where others are exercising then people with mental health issues should be allowed an hour a day to go somewhere quiet to ease their mind. 

  6. We are a bit confused about our shopping .  We fill the order out online  currently 2 only of all items  BUT!  Alot of the items  say not available try alternative, and they're unavailable too! 

    What we are confused about is that our order is for 3 weeks time, why is it saying unavailable???.

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