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    needing a wooden pallet to finish off a project if anyone has one knocking around please. Can pick up


  2. looking at the website , it says that there will be no one to assist to help due to covid , understandably, but what if a disabled person needs to take things and can't physically get up the steps to the skips/containers? The person doesn't have anyone to help them . I cant as my leg is in a cast due to football injury
  3. converting a double decker bus to make a permanent dwelling. Looking for land to live on. Picturesque would be nice but not too far out of the city. Fee negotiable
  4. why does Liam walk the way he does? Is it his im here look at me walk? Or does he have some sort of problem with his legs.
  5. Does anyone think that there's more to this than is being let on? 2nd wave??? Am I missing something or are we all doomed?
  6. can we remind smack head and weed smoking junkies that smoking your waccy baccy and drinking alcohol out side someone else's home , is not on the allowed to do list from the government during the lockdown ?
  7. is it true that syp are to ramp up procedures to those who ignore the covid rules? I heard that as well as on the spot penalty fines , that points can also be put on the offending drivers license. I think its a good idea personally
  8. With all that's going on , it was making me a bit suspicious
  9. is anyone receiving calls on this number from China? +861118554104 Its rang my friend a few times and its a Chinese recorded message . Anyone know exactly what its for?
  10. My brother suffers from depression & anxiety and we usually go fishing or just to a nice tranquil area to cloud watch and chill. At the moment his anxiety levels are soaring and he needs to get out Does anyone know if the government have made allowances for people like my brother? Can he drive somewhere and me follow in my car then chill out somewhere quiet but 2 metres apart? I think where others are exercising then people with mental health issues should be allowed an hour a day to go somewhere quiet to ease their mind.
  11. We are a bit confused about our shopping . We fill the order out online currently 2 only of all items BUT! Alot of the items say not available try alternative, and they're unavailable too! What we are confused about is that our order is for 3 weeks time, why is it saying unavailable???.
  12. Are the sheffield 24hr asda petrol stations/self service open?
  13. Vommiting and diarrhoea virus, has anyone got this at the moment? Cant find anywhere online to get Dioralyte in sheffield.
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