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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    single bed and quilted mattress. has 2 fitted sliding drawers .slight stain on one side of mattress where coffee spilled . otherwise clean and from smoker free home. NO HEADBOARD...cannot deliver


  2. Yard sale today. Second hand and some new items Starts at 12 noon Pm for directions
  3. Looking for above For Christmas week...no shared rooms. Must be near prom and beach. Asking For the Mrs; sister and niece all non smokers
  4. We've just walked thru fargate and can hear them any one know what it's for?
  5. Ok seems those who smoke it are relying,...so what about t vaping? It safe passively???
  6. https://www.cannabisskunksense.co.uk/articles/press-article/the-drug-driving-law
  7. It smells and if someone who drives is within close proximity of the weed offender then it can impair that drivers performance on the road.... it's always about the drug.....educate the users to the fact that we don't all use It, we don't appreciate it being used openly and it's not a choice for non users when it's smoked anywhere the y think that they can use it . Non users dont have the option when the offender lights up wherever they want.
  8. Since when has it been acceptable to openly smoke this stuff in public? I'm finding it occurs just about every where I go these days. When my kids are asking what's that smell dad, I'm tempted to say it's people who are smoking drugs that will make them ill one day. Do start on me saying about medicinal and all that because, in that case it should be used privately. These are usually folk that look they havent two halfpennys to rub together pushing prams yes some have kids with them!!! Some I've seen in shop doorqats openly roll one up and smoke It!!
  9. Is there anywhere in Sheffield or South Yorkshire where I can buy an adults electric scooter with a seat, that is British made? Not a mobility scooter.
  10. We are all probably aware of the organ donation card but...if one has a family member who we know that in the future may need an organ donation, can we leave our organ for them should we die?. Can the medical team take the organ and preserve it for when that day arrives, it would then be available for the family member?
  11. We have a family of foxes who live at the end of our lane. They come to be fed and are very tame. They keep coming back with more cubs . They're quite cute
  12. Can anyone help me please? My Samsung S6 isnt connecting to data or wifi. I have to keep putting it into flight mode then turning off and on for it to connect. Its contanstly. I can send and recieve sms no problems but the internet just wont work. Ive got wifi on my tablet etc so its not the internet or phone provider. Any ideas anyone?
  13. Having took the mother in law to her routine appointment today at the hallamshire, im niggled about how many people sit in disabled bays waiting in the car while whoever theyre with goes in for their appointment/visit etc There was chaos today as the car park was full and there were no disabled places for those who need them....not me by the way. If those who sat in the car with the blue parking badge on display would drive away and park on a back street it would leave places to park for the disabled drivers who have appointments who attend alone but cant get a space. Maybe next time youre sat occupying a disabled bay , please consider moving on and parking elsewhere , you c an still use your passengers blue parking badge . Then you can just come back later on to pick your passenger up
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