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  1. A friend of mine has taken camping to another level by starting a group for all aged over 50 who would like to car camp but not be alone. Email for information carcampersyorkshire@mail.co.uk
  2. Lol beehave yourselves and tell me how to add a pic please 😀
  3. Can anyone tell what kind of bee this is ?
  4. Loads!! And I can't reach to sort them out
  5. I have some bees in the brickwork How do I dispose of them without destroying them.
  6. What do you expect to find when booking a disabled access room in a hotel by way of access and assistance from hotel staff?
  7. Do you know him? Why assume uts sinister?
  8. Black oil burning type smoke plumes went over about 15 mins ago Stone Lane maybe?
  9. My sister is going away for 6 weeks in April. What will happen if she should test positive for covid before she flies back home? Where would she stay, who would pay for the extra stay? Who is going to allow a person who has tested positive to stay at their hotel/country etc because they won't be allowed to come home? Who would pay for the flight home when given the all clear? Cheers guys
  10. Why does city school stay lit up all night, every night. Their electricity bill must cos tax payers a fortune!
  11. Are you going to be on your own this christmas? Is it because of Covid? No one to spend it with? Choice?
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