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  1. Black oil burning type smoke plumes went over about 15 mins ago Stone Lane maybe?
  2. Why does city school stay lit up all night, every night. Their electricity bill must cos tax payers a fortune!
  3. Are you going to be on your own this christmas? Is it because of Covid? No one to spend it with? Choice?
  4. Can anyone recommend a white gloss paint for interior wood work that doesn't discolour?
  5. It looks like things are being re-enforced later today but whatever is made illegal who can check on whose breaking the rules with regards to households mixing etc?
  6. Is there an actual genuine app that works for this yet?
  7. Tell that to the authorities of the country im going too that won't let me in unless I produce a certificate declaring me covid free , taken with 72 hours prior of landing at my holiday destination. The testing places here in sheffield are NHS and cant provide the test , I have to get one elsewhere but where???
  8. Yes they do , but where do i go in sheffield to get this?
  9. does anyone do this test and provide the certificate in sheffield?
  10. Don't go paying daft prices for what is effectively not a pedigree.
  11. I have to disagree somewhat. My friend does all her own pip stuff and to be honest if one is genuinely disabled, there shouldn't be a problem. I sometimes wonder why people are so worried about these interviews/assessments. Forgive me if I seem harsh I don't mean to be but surely it surely can be proved with consultant letter and being able to see and talk to the claimant...i know not every disability is apparent but thats where consultant letters come in, isn't it?
  12. it would be nice to have notice of it being removed, my friend is very disappointed
  13. looking at the website , it says that there will be no one to assist to help due to covid , understandably, but what if a disabled person needs to take things and can't physically get up the steps to the skips/containers? The person doesn't have anyone to help them . I cant as my leg is in a cast due to football injury
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