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  1. Jason302

    This weekend only!!!

    Time Left: 5 days and 5 hours

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    This weekend only £30!!!!! Dial Quick unfold fire escape ladders Never used still boxed 2 storey fire escape ladders. They just hang over window ledge then they unfold for quick escape £40 ono Possible delivery for fuel costs Sheffield S20


  2. Jason302

    E-cigs/E-cigarettes: MegaThread Discussion

    Sneaky vapers are starting to affect my health. I have life long history of lung conditions. I could never go on nights out with smokers and then they banned smoking in public places. Yippee!!! Now we have sneaky vapers who are again selfish enough to try to hide themsevles vaping but, they forget they have to breathe out!! Its a very selfish attitude to vape or smoke anywhere public. The chemicals / aerosols used in vapes affect my breathing along with many others who have lung conditions too. Go outside please! Or stop complately. Its not right and its not fair.

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    Dial Quick unfold fire escape ladders Never used still boxed 2 storey fire escape ladders. They just hang over window ledge then they unfold for quick escape . Never used. Still boxed £40 ono Possible delivery for fuel costs


  4. Is there a totally free family mediation *************** service in sheffield? Any contacts / phone numbers aprreciated.
  5. For the mrs . stylist over 40 preferred Non smoker Must be able to prove experience
  6. Thankyou. Cmonkes
  7. My wifes mother is looking at rehoming a dog. Not a big one , or a small one. She cannot afford to buy one but can and will pay pet insurance and feeding . She has trained dogs in the past and knows her stuff but now is looking for a dog companion. If anyone has a healthy house trained dog that can be proved to be good around anyone and everyone that they need to give away to a good home then message me please.
  8. Quote.... In the UK, yes, it is regarded as obscene language and to spout out a load of swearing in public is a breach of sec.5 of the Public Order Act 1986. If you did it (it would have to be witnessed by a police officer or PCSO, we don’t take retrospective reports of it) you would get a statutory warning to basically tone down the language. If you carry on you will get arrested. It carries a fine if you don’t later get a caution for it. The same goes for swearing written on signage, tee shirts, placards...unquote
  9. Jason302

    Women who swear in public

    In days gone by the local plod wouldve have them (male or female) dragged by the earlobe to the parents but, these days the parents think its funny. Isnt it a public order offence to swear in public?
  10. Due to not being able to look for a bargain in classifieds? Its taking rather a long time and people maybe going elsewhere.
  11. Can anyone tell me the cheapest place in sheffield for crusher stone please inc delivery ?
  12. Jason302

    Out of body experience

    Has any of you ever had one?
  13. My partner needs to contact this lady a.s.a.p. Lyndsay owns a salon in handsworth sheffield. Can anyone provide a phone number please? She does know who my partner is but, shes lost her number and partner has changed hers , plus we moved home since last contact last year.
  14. Jason302

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Teeth & eyes. Need i say more?

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