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  1. We are a bit confused about our shopping . We fill the order out online currently 2 only of all items BUT! Alot of the items say not available try alternative, and they're unavailable too! What we are confused about is that our order is for 3 weeks time, why is it saying unavailable???.
  2. Are the sheffield 24hr asda petrol stations/self service open?
  3. Vommiting and diarrhoea virus, has anyone got this at the moment? Cant find anywhere online to get Dioralyte in sheffield.
  4. What if someone who hasn't been away has caught it from someone else but dont know who then what?
  5. Regardless of the panic, at what point does someone think ah I think I've got the corona virus? Where would they go to be tested without the possibility of infecting others? Do we grin and bear a sore throat, stuffy head, heavy coughing and sleepless nights as in the usual viral infections? Plus if it was to be corona virus, how many people could we have infected? What will the employer do? Tell us to get on with work and take the risk or tell us not to go to work? This is where the panic starts , when do we know that it's the corona virus and then try to be tested?
  6. When you buy and sell a house do we pay the estate agent to sell the property and then pay them again when we purchase another property ?
  7. I bought my house mainly for the view that I had over the countryside. Whatever the season , the view was a joy to see The country club directly in front of me planted some trees a few years back and the trees are quite tall and wide that the branches block the beautiful view that I had and would still like. If I asked them to cut them back so I get my view back, are they obliged too?
  8. Are the concrete blocks meant as an terrorism deterrent? A lot of Christmas markets installed these type of blocks to prevent terrorists mounting pavements and hitting people
  9. Can anyone help please? Got this SAMSUNG S10e 2 weeks ago & I've done all the putting apps I don't use etc to sleep, I dont have any music apps or anything like that running & the battery keeps running down pretty quick. The phone was bought new Any ideas how to make it stay charged longer?
  10. When out with mates and i say no kebab for me...they say well have a sausage then..or if we go out with the inlaws for sunday lunch they say you dont eat meat??? Whyever not? Ooooh its lovely this beef ooooh its so soft you should try it, do you want some, here whilst trying to shove a fork full of cow into my mouth. When i try to be firm and polite they get all huffy and dont talk to me for the rest of the day.....any advice ???
  11. From Sheffield. Are there any family members remaining?
  12. Can anyone tell me if there are any paying in machines where I can pay in tonight please? Not business. Either royal bank of Scotland or Tesco.. Cheers
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