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  1. When out with mates and i say no kebab for me...they say well have a sausage then..or if we go out with the inlaws for sunday lunch they say you dont eat meat??? Whyever not? Ooooh its lovely this beef ooooh its so soft you should try it, do you want some, here whilst trying to shove a fork full of cow into my mouth. When i try to be firm and polite they get all huffy and dont talk to me for the rest of the day.....any advice ???
  2. From Sheffield. Are there any family members remaining?
  3. Can anyone tell me if there are any paying in machines where I can pay in tonight please? Not business. Either royal bank of Scotland or Tesco.. Cheers
  4. What's the latest on roads from city centre to get to shirecliffe please?
  5. Hi folks can I get to shirecliffe from mosbro today ?
  6. Not being able to afford the fee doesn't mean that a person can't afford to look after a pet. Most of the rescues charge far too much and they wonder why people buy dogs from abroad . If they charge less I'm sure they would get more homes for the rescue dogs and if home checked them regularly and unexpectedly they would see if that dog was being looked after
  7. My mother in law is confused about help from the pdsa. Her dog needs surgery not serious but still needs the op The forms they have given her don't say what's to be paid for but it does look like that there could be a set fee for the surgery. Is that correct? What if my mum in law doesn't have enough money?. She would be struggling to be fair. Can anyone advise please?
  8. You are correct and obviously I was asking if it was safe otherwise I would've done it It's a bayonet fitting
  9. Now now.....Not stupid if it's self sealing ....
  10. I've been told you just in couple it as it's self sealing , it's the reconnection that costs apparently
  11. Can i just unconnect the coupling from the connection on the wall to disconnect and remove a gas cooker? Is it self sealing?
  12. This place is a joke! My father in law who is disabled went to collect a parcel that was an attempted delivery, even though he was in waiting for it. The gates to the office was closed , someone walking in left the gate open for him to drive through as he has difficulty walking. The disabled parking bay was covered with a skip. They have a door bell with a disabled person sign for them to help people into the office....my question is How do they think people can get in to ring for assistance when the gates are closed and there's no parking space for a disabled person?
  13. Yard sale today. Second hand and some new items Starts at 12 noon Pm for directions
  14. Looking for above For Christmas week...no shared rooms. Must be near prom and beach. Asking For the Mrs; sister and niece all non smokers
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