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  1. They put that roof on to make me watch the game, instead of the planes flying over. They were bad days:D
  2. You’d need to be on John Street most games, to hear the United “roar”. Any further away and they’d be drowned out by the hum of conversation on the streets outside.
  3. Good job I’ve got you to guide me then. You should give Jez a call to see if he’d like a common sense adviser. As far as I can see, his proposals for the History curriculum are worthy of debate. He doesn’t get to decide what gets taught though, so you can relax.
  4. How does advocating a change in the History curriculum do that?
  5. By dropping some of the stuff that is less relevant. That's how most curriculum development happens. Our future Prime Minister thinks it is a good idea. Link. Of course, History is an optional subject beyond age 14, so only those who choose to would get to study this stuff anyway.
  6. Have you tried the Sheffield Shop on Ecclesall Road? https://www.sheffield-made.com/acatalog/Scissors.html
  7. You should see what the cheap baccy dealers get up to with their ill gotten gains. Gun running, people trafficking and international terrorism. What sort of druggie would support people like that:rolleyes:
  8. You should see the state of my Quality Street.
  9. Unfortunately, lots of them are Harlequin Ladybirds. An invasive species that is displacing our native ones. They bite too
  10. Yes. You’d do it in exactly the same way that you would vote out our Chancellor of the Exchequer, or Foreign Sec. And slightly more easily than you could vote out our Head of State.
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