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  1. All House of Fraser staff issued with redundancy notices today!
  2. They were in the building that is now Poundland then moved to Meadowhall
  3. Went in House of Fraser yesterday and there are signs everywhere saying ‘closing down for refurbishment’ A member of staff told me that when it reopens it will be Flannels not House of Fraser and all the staff are being made redundant! Another one bites the dust ☹️
  4. Deputyship is for when the person has already lost the capacity to make decisions
  5. We were advised to apply for deputyship to deal with bank account etc for parent with Alzheimer’s
  6. We’ve been having deliveries from Tesco once or twice a month for the last 5 years. No problems at all!
  7. Well we can even with closed windows! We are near the park. Where are you?
  8. Can hear loud music around Longley area. Is it the annual rave? So annoying, first warm evening this year and having to keep windows closed (can still hear the music though)
  9. Went past yesterday and it is closed again! Scaffolding up and looks like major re-fit in progress. Anyone know if and when it will be re-opening?
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