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  1. I need help reading this address from a passenger list from 1960. It's from a relative of mine who arrived in the UK and lived in Sheffield, but i am struggling to make out the address. Can any eagle eyed people help me out? Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gr-8VSsVi8BdVU-cUVfhl1crbVvi_sSC/view
  2. Seems to be the norm these days for eating places not lasting long
  3. Beres is the best for me, and i've tried a lot.
  4. Shame, really nice pub in a nice location.
  5. Just wondered if anyone knew any information about the short homeless looking guy who always seems to be walking very slow up Herries Rd with his yellow hire bike (he used to have his own bike). I've seen him in other areas of the city but I tend to see him more often than not around the Hillsborough area. Curious to know if anyone has any more information about him? Seems quite sad. Thanks.
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