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  1. May be a bit late now but screens 19 and 20 are on the ground floor on the right hand side.
  2. Strikes proposed for Saturday 29th June and Monday 1st July.
  3. There has been a few markets, festivals ect, it's nothing new, just be careful
  4. I had this happen last year not sure they moved on nothing sinister has happened since.
  5. He makes things he likes to drink, and thinks are amazing and he always think he is right because he's a beer somilier or whatever. He needs to understand you need to make something people want to buy at a price they will pay for it. Before they were making a pretty standard beer and charging a lot for it.
  6. When I had it was pretty standard real ale fair nothing special. To make a success of something you need to be open regular hours and regular days and not just do things when you feel like it The few times I went down some of time it was closed for a private function, after a couple of times of that I never went back.
  7. I could see what they wanted to do byput wasn't going to work. Went a brewery tour a bit ago most of the beers we got tastings of were pretty rank to be honest, there were a few nice ones. Glad to see prices have gone down, 4 quid upwards when spoons was selling Thier beers for nearer 2 quid was never going to work.
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