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  1. Is that a definite? I need to do some printing from email/stick on Monday
  2. They do say when you book its over 18s only...but they didn't card me (might be because I'm 37)
  3. Thanks... Found the city hall website and book through that. Seems a little odd there isn't a link to that thru the Last Laugh website...oh well Looking forward to it...Toby Foster is an excellent host. Might go and see Roger Monkhouse on Wed too :D:D
  4. On MondayI rang the number on the website which goes through to the Memorial Hall Box Office...I got an answerphone message telling me their opening hours...even though I rang between those hours. The message suggested I left my name, number and a short message, and they would call me back. I did. They haven't. So I called back today...got through to the same answerphone message...but there seems like loads of messages on there cause I never got to the beep after holding for a while... So how do I book tickets for here. I need 7 for the 22nd And 2 for the 29th thanks
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions...I had forgotten I started this thread...I just have Dad to buy for now By the sounds of it there are a few of us going >) Is there an Unoffical Sheffield Forum Meet in Oz over Xmas then?
  6. great suggestions so far.... england shirts apart lol
  7. Hi, I am spending Xmas in Australia with my friend's family...and I am struggling for ideas for presents to get them. I would like them to be perhaps relating to the UK, England, Yorkshire, Sheffield or Scotland, as that is where i hale from...and I have a budget in and around £20 per family member. Any suggestions? Maybe there is something our expat forumers miss about our 'septic' (sic) isle... I have the following people to cater for Eldest Brother (30ish) who works with computers and his long term girlfriend...about the same age...and all I know about her is she's originally Austrian...(if thats any relevence ) Youngest Brother (late 20s) apparently not a very social animal and likes his computer games (but rumour has it he downloads them all ) Mum, late 50s...erm likes Heartbeat, Doctor Martin and shows like that...seemed to like the Yorkshire Hamper I gave her on my last visit..it was slightly more than £20 mind Dad, 60... I know that one, as its was his birthday last month, and they all got him a v nice digital camera...he likes his photography. And Grandma...in her 80s bless her. Any help on ideas, would be appreciated... Amusing responses would be probably more appreciated...as we all love a bit of Aussie-baiting.
  8. My parents have come down for the weekend and don't want to leave their dog in the house on his own. So we want to find somewhere to eat out within 30 min of Sheffield that has an outdoor eating area, so we don't have to leave the dog in the car...its going be a hot one again :D:D Any suggestions?
  9. I was dissappointed when I saw the Ting Tings... Got tickets for The Courteeners tho
  10. I got excited at a few of those too...but then I saw Milburn's name...and they've split First album...quality Second Album...hmmm, are you a Coral tribute band? So good decision I guess
  11. He is a legend to all Forest fans...as is Webb and Walker and erm... (to some, including me) Collymore. The best player I have seen live in my life. Pity he's an arse (can I say arse?)
  12. As a Forest fan I take acception to you placing the legends of Webb and Hodge in the same sentence as the other one.
  13. Thanks... And with ample parking at Meadowhall, I can abandon the car there. :clap:
  14. Saturday 24th...is it me or are there no trains to Leeds from Sheffield until gone 18.00? And only 1 coach at 7.15??? I don't want to drive...but it looks like I've got to
  15. I'll go for Bristol City then...as no one else seems to fancy them
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