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  1. details are not stored locally even if it is company machine with 2FA to log in
  2. thank you for demonstrating your ignorance of basic child development topics the Schema is set by age 6 , gender identity and sexuality, having a durable biological basis are also something that children are aware of from a very young age, as the cisgender heterosexual normative way in which much of society operates. spot on sexuality and gender identity have a durable biological basis , you can't 'make' someone straight / bi or pan / gay , you can;t make a cisgnender person transgender ( John Money tried that and has blood on his hands) and you can't make a transgender person cisgender ( churches and alledged psycho-the-rapists have tried that many times and their hands are blood soaked )
  3. which can be arranged by following the link given in my earlier post. hospital OTs may be involved in the assesment process , but generally that is when someone isan inpatient or frequently sees the OT service at the hospital.
  4. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/housing/adapting-your-home.html https://service.sheffield.gov.uk/selfservice/L15_Portal.html?formname=Adults_EA_Ref
  5. that sounds like a FoaF story. if the public ordinarily have access to somewhere road traffic legislation applies. basically if it's not behind a locked gate / manned barrier then you need driving licence, insurance tax etc ... if it;s somewhere the public don't ordinarily have access and you have the relevent permissions then you can ( it's how someone with a car licence and a short training course can be allowed to be a lorry shunter *on site* at big warehouses etc )
  6. pulically accessible , vehicle and driver need to be legal
  7. the OP states their train arrives in Doncaster at around midnight , yet people are suggesting services where the last service leaves before 2300 ?
  8. you are incorrect there , that is the out right lies used to market these torture devices . most adults with hearing that is undamaged can hear at least 15 kHz and many can hear beyond that well into middle age
  9. as good proportion of 'over 25' who haven't damaged their hearing can hear hose tones
  10. you can't a typical bin wagon is a Cat C Large goods vehicle , the drivers are paid in line with local rates for cat C or if there is a proper JE scheme based on what the JE says for the role ...
  11. if you look at the application to register a PHV in Sheffield it requires you to specify which Operator the vehicle will be working for https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/business/taxi-licensing/Application%20Form%20-%20Private%20Hire%20Vehicle%20Licence.pdf you do realise the difference between being a PHV Driver and a PHV Operator ... and how this is different to the Hackney side of things - where the driver ( or one of the drivers associated with the vehicle) are also the Operator ... ---------- Post added 11-07-2018 at 13:51 ---------- also explain 'company cars' in PHV then. you seem to be conflating the three forms of permission required -Driver -Vehicle -Operator
  12. as previously stated , i suspect it's to do with whose PHV 'plate' is attached to the car , as the plate's 'owner' is responsible for the professional practice of the vehicle and driver .... if someone has their own plate then they can work for whom so ever will have them. If your plate is one that registered to a particular firm then while it;s on your car it;s tied to that firm ( and IIRC PHV and Hacknay plates in the vastest majority of not all LA areas are tied documentarily to a particular vehicle and physically sealed / tamper evident fixed to that specified vehicle
  13. I believe Network rail do use helicopters for certain aspects of inspecting rail lines - much the same the national gird use helicopters to inspect powerlines ... they can fly along side/ over / next to the structures in question and visually inspect or video it quicker and easier than 'walking' it - fairly obviously for the powerlines but you don;t need 'posession' to do the railway that way
  14. if you are not a member of the Union on strike you are not a Strike Breaker if you are a management grade with operational competence you are not a strike breaker . but then again South Yorkshire Unions and their (lack of) knowledge and understanding of the laws surrounding strikes are a matter of public record ---------- Post added 09-07-2018 at 21:31 ---------- as i explained in my posting earlier today, there are private sector employers who continue to pay shift premiums . this is primarily because not all rotas or departments have the same(ish) share of unsocial hours . if you;ve got a fairly homogenous set of rotas and the vast majority of people work similar amounts of weekend and unsocial hours, you just role it up into one standard rate of pay
  15. the HMCG branded 'civilian' Search and rescue helicopters are a mainly red undersides and red and white on top livery
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