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  1. that is my understanding of the situation as well and i agree with your suggestions
  2. yet here you are using a social interaction based media format on t'interwebs ...
  3. penury and all your scoial media contacts thinking you are a gulible fool
  4. it's a war dialler , just dialing numbers until it finds a guilible sod who let's themselves be soacilly engineered
  5. generally PAYG don't 'confiscate' credit as long as you make chargable outbound calls / texts or data requests ... PAYG is not very good as being a 'standby' phone or a phone used solely to recieve incoming calls ...
  6. thank you for your full and frank admission of being the cause of the problem
  7. the apprenticeship levy that was introduced in April 2017 and of course we've had all the fun of the disruption related to Lockdowns since ... it's almost as though you don't understand even the most elementary stuff about workforce planning
  8. based on what you have written what i'm hearing here is that you are abusive towards junior staff , enjoy playing 'billy big spuds' and think that apprentices are there to do the stuff you don't want to do rather than to learn ... and then you wonder why people don't put up with your bad behaviours you do realise that employers who pay the apptrenticeship levy can get it back if they take on apprentices and deliver proper, accredited training to them ? employers too small to pay tthe Apprenticeship levy can access govertnment funcing to cover 95 % of training costs ?
  9. Your assertions ignore the apprenticeships levy and the way in which this has changed the whole vocational training ( and vocational higher education ) sector in the past 5 or so years
  10. the shoddy finish is the pressure to deliver *barely acceptable* product in the shortest possible time i get the impression that especially for Brickies because aren't the big firms to train people in the same way as we might see with electrics or plumbing
  11. what is your tax code? is it 12570- state pension amount then the result of that calculation divided by 10? https://www.unbiased.co.uk/discover/pensions-retirement/starting-a-pension/your-state-pension#:~:text=If you qualify for the,or £10%2C600 a year.
  12. the fact is you are missing the point massively in your desperate attmept to not acknowledge the Politicaal and economic suicide that is Brexit
  13. Currys do not sell contract phones online under their own Name Currys mobile ( in store) / CPW sell contracts and do not sell retail O2 contracts and when they did they din;t sell refresh, just traditional fixed term contracts where the device was bundled into the cost quite clear you don't know very much about the business as if you were up to speed you'd know who owns Mobiles.co.uk and E2save and which netWorks they sell Argos do not sell 02 phones / contracts either ...
  14. #dontbuytheSun #JFT97 but it says an awful lot about you regardless and your ignorance of how long it takes to properly train a tradie , doubly so when talking about Sparkies and Gas plumbers
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