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  1. Abit earlier Sun Tavern ( Old No 12) closed 1955
  2. Talking about school photos I have one in front of me now when I left Sharrow lane School July 1951,I have mentioned these names before but know one seems to know them so here they are again===== Trevor Forman; David Smith;Jimmy Marsh ;Terry Lovett;Walter Hulka ;Albert Greaves; ME;;Roy Brammer; Mick Tissington;Brian Knowles;Spud Pemberton(D); ? ;David Lee; ?; Alex Hallett was in our Scouts 50th St Mathews I remember he block his arm. Does any of the Fentonville St Gang remember delivering bread and cakes for Thopems on Wosternholm Rd and Langdon St bakery KEEP SAFE and USE YOUR LOAF
  3. I Remember old man Buxton he had a cane called little willie A grand chap I remember him well. In the early days, when coal was hard to come by.My mother sent me down to the canal wharf with our old pram to collect our ration of COLITE.Of course it took all morning.So back at School I expected a dose of Little Willie. Mr Buxton asked me what my father did for a living,I told he was in the steel works.And would you believe it he gave me a key and a paper with his address up at High Storrs and told me to go to his coal house and fill my pram with coal.SO I DID. It wasn't until later years when I came out of the Forces and was invited to join the FELLOWSHP OF THER FORCES that remember the little tiny blue badge that Mr,Buxton had in his jacket lapel.HAPPY DAYS STAY SAFE.
  4. The lady next door could possibly get a Grant from the Town Hall. But at her age she would not want the upset. But you now have a 2nd toilet which can be very handy at time Good luck with it .KEEP SAFE>
  5. I seem to remember a Brian Dungworth in our class in the 1940/50.
  6. My mother was from Adelphi Street/ Martin St.and I thorght they said PUT ME ON>
  7. Hi.There Alan Just the same as me ..I started at Waddilove & Co 30 Broad St.when I was 15,SO LONG AGO>1951....Keep Safe.
  8. I thought Shaws.Irongongers was above Gunstones on Duke St Oposise was Arbers Bakery shop.We had our Sandwiches and Cake from there at lunch time. Gunstones had a pork pie factory at the far end of Granville Street Mr and Mrs Shaw lived in Frogget Village
  9. Brilliant.I always wanted a map like that.I new the area very well.I worked for a plumbing firm at 30 Broad St,Between the Plough Inn and Bensons carpet shop. I remember there were some Terres houses in the Lane at the back of Sheaf Motors on Sheaf St.Was it Grattons on the other corner of Sheaf Lane Howard?
  10. I can't find sheaf lane on the map or in Kelleys.Could it be the lane that was at the side of The Plough. on Broad St???
  11. St Silas church rings a bell........They had a scout troop in the early 50s.And I seem to remember they joined to gather with St Mathews 50th.troop and went camping to Walsbey Scoutcamp in Nottingham shire.There must be some of them still going strong.The only name I remember are Soups. and Wheeler.Would be nice to here from someone...Happy days. ALL KEEP SAFE.
  12. I remember a Alex Hallet in the Sharrow area he joined the Boy Scouts group St. Mathews 50th. and he broke his arm when he was about12 yr The reason I remember his name He was named Alex Darryl Hallet. Happy days.
  13. Good Idea David.Keep the thread going I sent a list in last year Circa 1941 to 1951 I will try Again Trevor Forman. Teachers DAVIS David Smith. Buxton Terry Lovett Wright Albert Greaves Fletcher Roy Bramer Barns Michael Tissington Rolland Walter Ulka Lavinder Graham Hunn (D) Wragg Jimmy Marsh Brian Knowles Spud Pemberton (D) David Lee ??? Rayner Darrell Whitham Jack Kent (D) Pete Rogers (D) Keneth Johns Harry Hartley Roy Broamhead Noel Britton. Come On there got to be some one out there
  14. Brilliant;;;;;; You have gone to a lot of trouble and I know of 6.ex pupils who would be interested but I do not know how to respond to this notice. Phone/ Email/ Cafe. Darrell Whitham (41-51).
  15. Wards beer was the first beer I tasted when I was11years old. There wear always 2 pop bottles on our cellar head in the 1950s. My father had his beer allowance each day.He worked in the building maintenance department.With Tommy Anath.(Joiner) and Ron Elliot (Brick Layer) Over the years I got to know about the Wright families Michael/Gerald....Great Times, Old Fashion Times.Great Brewery.
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