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  1. hi victor,hope youre okay thought of you yesterday as i came home from visiting edgar lindley down on the lane. passed your house on park hill and i can tell you their nothing like they used to be when you and percivals lived there cars and vans on gardens,shame they used to be lovely, how sad regards lenny
  2. quite right,in my day they were famous people what had earned that title, like sporting legends or great actors and actresses nowadays even holiday reps and people from essexs are called celebs.
  3. who asked about the palfreymans from arcubus avenue at swallownest
  4. anybody remember british legion club at swallownest just above and opposite pavillion cinema?
  5. where i lived at fence cottages we didnt have electric never mind television
  6. any body from fence who may still be around to remember ivan and geoff turner, jack and terry catherall,terry binney who drowned in river rother, syd rayner stan rayner danny white and geoff bolton from falconer lane? cheers len lunn
  7. hello, know brian very well, big smart lad at school remember him squaring up to a lad called terry stocks in school playground stocky was supposed to be good but that didnt bother brian. last time i saw him it was in tesco at dinnington, regards
  8. hi victor, remember bradleys very well but the post from ih82 makes it sound as if its off chesterfield road. for years it stood adjacent to charlie pritchard. no longer there now of course we have to build houses and spoil the area, the houses go right up behind siddalls and maggies to back of manvers road and up towards alexandra road.( siddalls and maggies happy days) regards len lunn
  9. hi,i remember the lightowler family but dont remember a garden centre on park drive.perhaps a bit more info? regards
  10. hi again victor,yes i remember ray lister very well, he lived in top block of houses before chapel between mrs powells and puggy smith, didnt know his christian name he was the pump man in the power house as we called it in the pit yard. regarding the princess royal the landlords name was clive wilson ,ray lister always sat in the lounge on the left hand side as you went in the front door think he was a bit posher than us, we used to drink in the the tap room and maybe it was too noisy for ray. bottom house on falconer lane at bottom of smallage lane was a family called bird didnt have much to do with the outside world, second up was a bungalow, forget the name could it be him what built caravans? third house was a bloke called johny wombwell married to lucy richmond from alf and fred richmonds farm up smallage lane.wombwells daughter jaqueline still lives in that house.at that time ray lister was a deputy at treeton and we used to catch the bus (no 221) to treeton. he maybe became an overman after i left pit life wasnt for me and i didnt stay long. regards len lunn
  11. hi victor, episode 2,first of all let me try and jog your memory a little bit concerning fence. living where you did on park hill im fairly sure youll remember a bit further down the hill. after the row of houses below fence school and fence chapel there were 5 cottages stood back from the road in the pit yard, i was born in the second one number 29 fence cottages next door to a lad called keith ravenhall. i seem to remember peter taylor but cant put a face to him. however i do remember ernest hall and the cafe that he ran he had a black rover car with big chrome headlights on the mudgards. perhaps you also remember the barbers shop next door to the cafe that was run by a chap caiied lewis, didnt know his surname but he had a club foot and came from woodhouse. regarding the humber car you may have sold it to a chap caller ronnie goldsbro off canary island he was the only bloke i knew who could afford a car of that stature and had sideboards.i also remember the garage well, sadly its now a car wash regarding names i do remember hazel lumb also cedric and rosemary, did they have another girl in the family cant remember. hopefully thats a little bit to be going on with victor. regards. len lun
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