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  1. Blame the protesters for the security bill.
  2. Virtually impossible to be truly faithful to that. ---------- Post added 09-10-2018 at 13:57 ---------- What if you're a masochist?
  3. Heaven forbid a councillor should voice an opinion in public.
  4. I saw Jodie Whitaker walking around in Costco about a year ago.
  5. Well done for crow-barring in a little mardy about Brexit into a thread about ebay.
  6. You could just as easily say that the majority of "the people" DID NOT vote to stay either.
  7. That sounds like a great excuse for people to get away with allsorts...why should the council cut the grass regularly? theres knife crime going on which is more important...don't moan about the trains being late, there's burglaries talking place.
  8. Just think, the money that would have been paid for our membership of the EU can now be used to whack the national debt off.
  9. I'm no Man U fan but I'm glad those geordies singing "you're getting sacked in the morning" at Mourinho when they were winning, had their gobs shut by the end of the match.
  10. I'm glad common sense prevailed and mindless mob rule didn't win the day. We just don't know, and probably never will know what happened, if anything between Brett Kavanaugh and this lady all those years ago, but there has to be proof, there has to be due process or other wise where are we?
  11. Fifth columnist for the EU Anna Soubry has been quiet lately.
  12. Sigh, you people always enjoy saying what you think we DON'T give the EU every week, without going on to state what the figure is that you think we DO give the EU, and its because you know that whatever the figure actually is, it is a huge amount, an amount that, if we chose, we could spend on something like, say.....the NHS.
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