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  1. Hi Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but in case people didn't know, my dad's cousin Nigel Womersley passed away last week of pancreatic cancer. I know he posted on here alot so thought some of you may like to know. Emma xx
  2. in our office (law firm) we have a "dress for your day" policy so if you are not facing clients you can come in wearing Jeans etc but the underlying rule is smart/business casual. if there is a chance a client may just turn up on the off chance everyone has a change of clothes in their booth. I, personally, think business attire is outdated and people will feel more comfortable interacting with someone who is dressed "a bit more human" if that makes sense? I was always told wearing a uniform at school was to prepare you for a dress code in the professional world (load of crap). Times have changed, but I agree a uniform should be in place to stop the designer/non designer divide but it should be made affordable I.e. supermarket and not a forced, overpriced purchase. p.s. I apologise for crap grammar and spelling, it's late, teething baby etc 😔
  3. can't beat The Old Horns at Bradfield for me x
  4. Hi Can you please PM me more information? Kind regards Emma
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