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  1. Keep it up Jo, most of us understand humour. Todays news, tomorrows chip shop paper
  2. The government and financial organisations are treating people as inanimate cash cows instead of PEOPLE. The way to treat people as people is by employing local PEOPLE. Means testing for TV licence, benefits and tax should be best done locally by PEOPLE who can actually talk to the individuals, visit them and know their situations. I am sure some pensioners can afford to pay the TV licence but for many it will mean going without food. If it comes to that then I could not support the BBC with any enforcement against a single pensioner. The trauma it would cause could be the end of them. It could even mean the BBC before the courts for manslaughter.
  3. That's why over 2,000 Americans are dead from mass shootings
  4. Are you for real? !! Asda are doing a deal on bacofoil for your tin hats
  5. I have nothing to hide so I have no problem with my profile data being held or even a dna sample. Because of the tragic happenings over the last few years it is something I am willing to sacrifice in order to keep myself and those around me safe.
  6. It wouldn't work at the moment as the technology has not been invented yet for driverless car radar systems. The human element will always remain the same unfortunately.
  7. I would like to propose a speeding law that says you can only go past a pedestrian on an adjacent pavement or a cyclist on the road at a maximum of 30 mph even if you are on a 40 or 50 mph limit road.
  8. I cant see how he has made a jot of difference anywhere
  9. I made a note to a conductor on one of the trams that there was an wee odour. I didn't see that tram for a week and was pleasantly surprised that it no longer whiffed.
  10. There was a burglary up our road and we had a letter to let us know that thieves were operating in the area. As someone has mentioned Ultion keys and locks is smart enough even though I am a bit of a techy. I would love a smart home but I need to make sure its secure as it's not just me.
  11. A friend who rented his house for some reason the tenant said the lock stopped working so they had someone change the locks. They kept making an excuse to give him a key until he eventually found out they had been using it to grow cannabis. It cost him alot of money to get the place fixed up again.
  12. Your collection of pets sounds like it does not include a cat or a Jack Russell.
  13. Nope, that the role of the Crown prosecution Service
  14. I cant believe that some drivers have been allowed to achieve over 100 points on their driving licences. The ability to change the behaviour of these people cannot be dealt with by the law.
  15. Where a crime has been committed there should be due process & no one should be immune from prosecution of that crime. Who is to say though that what happened was criminal? Putting pensioners through the courts though is disgusting.
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