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  1. Black Brick

    Parking around sheff arena

    Get a room for the night at one of the nearby hotels or park on a residential road and walk or bus in
  2. There are professionals that go to The Archer Project and other organisations who spend their time helping the guys fill in their forms
  3. Black Brick

    Childrens therapy/councilling

    It is hard for some people to see how they have been abused or dominated. The freedom programme helps these people recognise the signs . Some pointers at http://clarewalkerconsultancy.com/warning-signs-how-to-spot-a-dominator/
  4. I am in the process of putting a communication resource forward for people limited by their mobility to communicate more effectively with support services and put them in touch with suitable employers. If you live in the Sheffield 9 postcode area of Attercliffe, Darnall, Tinsley or Wincobank then get in touch. If it all works out then it will be possible to look at Sheffield as a whole.
  5. Black Brick

    Christmas cards to muslims.

    Tradition is great when it can be all inclusive and glad that message is now apparent to all including the Council. No wonder we have these ongoing problems.
  6. If they set up a paid account that got rid of all the advertising I would sign up for £5/month. They should check the spelling, grammar and facts before releasing articles though as they are poor sometimes.
  7. There are some roads in Sheffield where Landlords have to hold a licence for that property. I remember over a decade ago a University study which looked at this with none of the landlords taking up the scheme because they didn't get any funding for improving the properties. They were expecting a handout to make properties safe. No one else is going to live in those houses as they are past safe and need taking back into council care. It would be hard for those landlords in Page Hall to prove they bought the houses legitimately with crooked estate agents laundering money. They all should be auctioned under proceeds of crime and bought back by the council.
  8. Black Brick

    Sheffield looking good on television

    I thought you was referring to channel 7, Sheffield's own TV channel. I wish some media students would take this over. I want to point my aerial back to Emley Moor.
  9. Black Brick

    More interesting driving

    Not the first or the last but we unfortunately have a SF member who lies to us as well as themselves. Drivers are more likely to behave if they have a dashcam so excellent job by the person recording the incident.
  10. Black Brick

    Jared Omara MP ..

    I hate politics because of the low life people it attracts. Jared has done an excellent job of trying to stick it out in spite of his Autism. It must be hell at PMQ's, worse than being the only teacher at a primary school.
  11. Black Brick

    Have you seen a hedgehog?

    I am making some hedgehog friendly entrances along my fence line and noticed these hedgehog signs so I have ordered a few.
  12. I had a Glow worm boiler and last year I was told that some of the parts were no longer available by the Homeserve gas specialist on its annual service. Ziggy from ZD Plumbing Heating has a few parts that kept mine going for another year but I have decided to get a new one for this winter as I'm not going to risk a week in the cold as it will probably break down when I need it although it has kept going for 18 years.
  13. The crime has not been committed by one person but the individual AND the support network that should be in place including the justice system. Some people say that it is the individuals fault when something happens as it is their choice, but a PS isn't acting out of choice.
  14. Black Brick

    Help in the home parking

    Thanks "WasThatWise"
  15. Black Brick

    Appealing against a decision with SCC

    I prefer to see road side flowers than great big speed bumps in the road. I'm going to get my jack hammer out and plant some dahlais into the hideous red blobs

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