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  1. Not a good move: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/council/ps700-a-day-is-this-the-best-paid-pr-job-in-yorkshire-66607
  2. Evening Classic Car Meeting, Heath, Wakefield 26th July 2019 Organised by the Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club, an informal, free to attend evening car meeting on Heath Common, Heath, Wakefield, WF1 5SE, 17.30 until you want to leave The Kings Arms is adjacent to the parking and if the weather is good, an ice cream van. Over 76 cars made the last meeting ranging from American Fins and Chrome classics, early Austin's and examples of future classics. Well worth the trip.
  3. This from East Midlands Trains who manage Sheffield station. Sadly the piano has been removed due to vandalism, the piano will not be replaced.
  4. The piano at Sheffield stn is missing, any ideas when it will be back?
  5. Drive it Day 2019 and two car meeting that may be of interest. Drive it Day 28th April 2019 The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs® 'Drive It Day' takes place every year to help raise awareness of the large and important extent of the classic vehicle movement in the UK. ... The aim of the day is for everyone to drive their vehicles, ride their bikes and enjoy the company of like-minded enthusiasts. Details of Drive it Day events on the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs website, classic vehicle media and marque specific club sites Car Meetings The Reindeer Car Meeting, Church St Sturton Le Steeple, DN22 9HQ Next meeting 25th April 2019 From April to September, held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 17.00. The Reindeer welcomes responsible drivers to enjoy an evening of cars, a drink and a burger from the BBQ. Donating to Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. Classics at the Lock Keeper Sandy Lane Worksop S80 1TJ Next meeting 8th May 2019 A casual classic car meet for all types of enthusiasts from 18.00
  6. I would give them a call Craig, this is the first year that Burnley Rotary have managed the production of the publication, it is worth getting hold of. Best wishes Noel
  7. Is this of interest to forum members? A free classic car e-magazine www.classicyorkshire.com Subscribe allows you to open the magazine, first impressions, it looks like a good read. Spotted the link on the YTCC Club Facebook page Best wishes Noel
  8. Another forum for your request would be the Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club Facebook page, they have hundreds of members and support film/programme makers by providing appropriate cars for the likes of Emmerdale etc Good luck and please let us know how you get on.
  9. If you like good coffee and aim to support local independent companies I would recommend that you try coffee beans roasted in Sheffield by Frazer`s Coffee Roasters Frazer Habershon has been roasting ethically sourced beans in Sheffield using a coffee roaster he built himself using metal donated by Sheffield steel companies. I enjoy his Italian roast which is a dark full bodied coffee, he has medium roasted coffee and a special blend for Christmas. Frazer is currently at the front of the Town Hall at the Christmas market. Enjoy
  10. Craig, I would ask AP Tyres, Broad Street ,Parkgate, Rotherham, 01709 523827 about the restoration of the wheels.
  11. You will receive your copy of Morgan`s 2019 in January/February Craig, worth the wait.
  12. Thank you retep, that is very helpful
  13. I am researching the history of the Wade family during their time in Sheffield. Robert Samuel Wade was killed in action on 26th September 1917, age 22 at the Battle of Polygon Wood. Before he enlisted Robert worked at Thomas Ward Ltd, Tinsley, does anyone know what Wards did at Tinsley? I would also like to locate the grave of his father, James William Fredrick Wade born 20th August 1863 and died 4th February 1932 age 68,at the time of his death James lived at 35 Poole Road Darnall. How would I find this grave? One family member lived on Enfield Street, Sheffield, where was this in Sheffield? Thank you.
  14. I have not seen the publication from Classic Motor Monthly Smithy, thanks for the heads up I will have a look. Morgan`s Year Book is a first class, value for money publication, I can recommend buying a copy
  15. Morgan`s Year Book 2019 More than 1000 classic vehicle events are publicised in the yearbook, covering an area north of a line between Aberystwyth in central Wales to The Wash in East Anglia, all the way to the Shetland Islands and counties in between. Published by Burnley Rotary Club in February 2019, this edition of Morgan’s Yearbook still costs just £5.00 per copy including free postage and packing. You can order a copy and make a charitable donation via the Morgan`s Year Book website
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