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  1. What should I go for? it's just for drain lining, I can get a set price for guaranteed work from one UK drainage company. I like this cause I have a hard time trusting hourly paid tradesmen. But is it deffo better? Anyone know any UK ones that are cheaper if they're hourly?
  2. Hi all, I was recently speaking to a relative who owns a diner in Knutsford and he told me he's made great savings using a UK business energy comparison website. Has anyone got any experience with them? I have two salons, there is 112 miles between the two, so if anyone knows about that multi meter stuff too that would help greatly. Cheers.
  3. OhhEnnEmm

    TV Presenters who are/were annoying

    That Victoria bird David Mitchell's married to! She's presented only connect and various other guest host roles.
  4. OhhEnnEmm

    Who has the most annoying voice on TV

    Sarah Millican is by far the worst
  5. OhhEnnEmm

    Legalise cannabis oil?

    This thread is 5 years old, has it happened yet?
  6. OhhEnnEmm

    Open relationship

    I'd view em with jealousy is how I'd view em
  7. OhhEnnEmm

    What music are you listening to?

    Beatles, Eagles, Rod Stewart, Queen, Wings, Supertramp, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, G'n'R Absolutely champion
  8. OhhEnnEmm

    Michael Macintyre is coming back?

    I do find myself watching some American comedians every now and then, BIG fan of Eddie Murphy, was very much into Kevin Hart, not so much now. What American comedians are you referring to?
  9. OhhEnnEmm

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Hi all, Word on the street is that it's coming home... Just wondering what the general consensus was on the England vs Sweden game coming up this weekend. Anybody dare to share their predictions? I like to think that it may well be, in fact, coming home!
  10. OhhEnnEmm

    Michael Macintyre is coming back?

    So, which UK comedians do you all like? I personally love Greg Davies, Lee Mack, John Bishop, etc. Got to love a good British sense of humour:hihi:

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