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  1. No doubt that black males have it worse. However, that doesn't mean that the idea of white people facing discrimination is far from accurate at all. It's accurate. Multiple groups can be discriminated against, even simultaneously. If another group is discriminated against even more so, it doesn't change the facts that the initial group is still facing discrimination, even if it is to a lesser extent. But you have proved my point perfectly. Because black people are discriminated against more than white people in courtrooms, you're explicitly saying that "The idea that white people suffer discrimination from our white biased judicial system is a long way from accurate." You justify this comment by talking about black males in the courtroom. This should be irrelevant to whether or not white males are discriminated against. They either are, or they aren't, regardless of any other group's situation within society. My point is that there is discrimination against males, whether black or white. Generally, it tends to be when opposing a female. However, when a young white male complains of inequality, it is shrugged off and often scoffed at "How can a young white male complain of inequality?" It's a dangerous mindset, one that has allowed many white males to lose their children to far less capable mothers, etc. Shrugging it off deprives people of justice. Is it fair to deprive anyone of justice just because they fit into a group that isn't as discriminated against as others? That alone is just an extra layer of discrimination. If Bob next door has AIDS, it doesn't make Trevor's HIV any less of a problem to Trevor. Would you tell Trevor to stop moaning because Bob has it worse? I feel far stronger about discrimination against black people, yes, because it's more severe. However, I don't let my feelings regarding that issue affect my feelings regarding others, since they're irrelevant to each other.
  2. I personally ride a motorcycle as my main vehicle. However, I feel that it is right for bicycles to not have mandatory insurance. Motorcycles are cheaper to insure than cars, this makes sense since motorcycles are smaller, weigh far less, cost less etc. You also give up a lot of features that you have in a car, so the insurance drop feels justified to the rider, you legitimately get less so you pay less. A bicycle doesn't even have an engine, if it hits a vehicle, it's likely only the rider of the bicycle will be affected. I think bicycle/pedestrian incidents are so few and far between that we don't need compulsory insurance as it's more logical to deal with such an issue as a cyclist, if and when it comes to it, if it ever does. They're so harmless, I can't see why so many motor vehicle users have such an issue with bicycles not being forced to be ripped off as much as we are. We are ripped off so bad but we get the pleasure of an engine to take us around, and in the case of a car, shelter, music etc. I think there's a lot of stupidity surrounding this subject. People should stay out of matters that don't concern them. If you have never had an issue with cyclists and aren't one yourself, it's an inefficient use of your mental capacity to focus so much on cyclists. Obviously. I'm not a fisherman, I have no involvement with fishermen, therefore I've never found myself worrying about their licenses (which actually are compulsory). I'm sure this should be simple? As in just not even a discussion.
  3. I haven't watched it yet but I'm so eager to! Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff you can just tell would have such a great chemistry. I'm gonna watch it tonight! Phuaa I so hope this is a new lease of life for Top Gear.
  4. I recall reading this article when it was first published. I was disgusted, but not shocked. I'm too familiar with this messed up state of affairs. It's just that people generally turn a blind eye when males or white people are discriminated against, probably this false belief that "Young white males can't be discriminated against."
  5. I've said from the very moment I found out, and I believe it now more than ever, Boris.
  6. What should I go for? it's just for drain lining, I can get a set price for guaranteed work from one UK drainage company. I like this cause I have a hard time trusting hourly paid tradesmen. But is it deffo better? Anyone know any UK ones that are cheaper if they're hourly?
  7. Hi all, I was recently speaking to a relative who owns a diner in Knutsford and he told me he's made great savings using a UK business energy comparison website. Has anyone got any experience with them? I have two salons, there is 112 miles between the two, so if anyone knows about that multi meter stuff too that would help greatly. Cheers.
  8. That Victoria bird David Mitchell's married to! She's presented only connect and various other guest host roles.
  9. This thread is 5 years old, has it happened yet?
  10. I'd view em with jealousy is how I'd view em
  11. Beatles, Eagles, Rod Stewart, Queen, Wings, Supertramp, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, G'n'R Absolutely champion
  12. I do find myself watching some American comedians every now and then, BIG fan of Eddie Murphy, was very much into Kevin Hart, not so much now. What American comedians are you referring to?
  13. Hi all, Word on the street is that it's coming home... Just wondering what the general consensus was on the England vs Sweden game coming up this weekend. Anybody dare to share their predictions? I like to think that it may well be, in fact, coming home!
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