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  1. Well my daughter has been adamant from about the age of 7 that she sees Robert Barone (Ray's brother from Everybody loves Raymond) driving a van near Crystal Peaks quite often so maybe out of work American actors fly all the way over to Sheffield just to work as parcel delivery drivers (according to my little'un anyway) šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
  2. In my opinion the size difference between most of the heavyweights in the Ali era and Fury would simply be too much to overcome (even if some of them were better boxers/ fighters which, with the exception of Ali, I honestly don't believe they were). When Ali fought Foreman he was around 220lb so would have been giving away over 50lbs in weight, as well as 6 inches in height and about 5 inches in reach to Fury as he was on Saturday. Even 'Big' George Foreman was only around 225lbs in the first part of his career and 6'3". Frazier, Liston, Norton, Paterson etc even smaller. As for Mike Tyson- I think he would have given nightmares to anyone between probably '86 and '89 although I still think Fury would have been too big for him, kept it long and outboxed him even then, the version of Tyson after Douglas in '90 would have got exactly what Lewis did to him.
  3. I wish I'd seen Queen while Freddie Mercury was alive, The Beatles, B.B.King, Pink Floyd (saw them at Live8 but that was only a couple of songs), Bob Marley, Oasis......my list could go on for pages.
  4. I think the Polish war veteran was called Mr Trebus. After all these years I still use his name to describe anyone with very cluttered/ untidy homes and gardens.
  5. Not sure if they were the earliest news stories I remember but the most vivid I remember from my childhood are Challenger exploding, Terry Waite being kidnapped, and the Herald of free enterprise capsizing. I was 6 years old when Challenger exploded.
  6. That sounds unbelievable but is true. 1609.344 metres in a mile 20921.472 metres in 13 miles 348.7 metres/ minute 5.81 metres/second 98.8 (ish) metres in 17 seconds. Incredible.
  7. Sink the Bismarck The Dam busters All the Back to the future films Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory All the Rocky films Green street The full monty Scrooge (Albert Finney musical version my favourite)
  8. I must admit I didn't think Ruiz Jr would be good enough to beat AJ but I think defeat has been on the cards for a while now. He gets caught and gets himself in trouble far too often but has always been able to rely on power to get him through before. AJ was all over the place in the 2nd round back when he fought Whyte, was poor and struggled against Takam, had a nightmare against a fading Klitschko (who Fury had previously dismantled) and was almost stopped in the 6th/7th round (can't remember which), then was being outboxed by Povetkin until his size and power helped him take over from about the 3rd round. I believe he'll have to completely rebuild his defence before going anywhere near Fury or Wilder. On the plus side though hopefully there'll be a trip to the rematch at Wembley later in the year to look forward to.
  9. My favourite ending to any TV show is probably Blackadder goes forth, More recently the end of Still game (Scottish sitcom for anyone who has never seen it) a few weeks ago was done brilliantly and left a lump in my throat for a while when all the old characters Iā€™d been watching for 15+ years just faded away and died.
  10. Yates rode brilliantly but I can't see him being a massive threat at next year's Tour de France. I think despite how well he rode a lot of things also fell nicely for him. Sky didn't take anyone who was a realistic GC contender, Quintana doesn't look anything like the rider of a couple of years ago, I don't think Valverde is quite good enough now, Mas and Lopez may both end up as grand tour winners but are both still very young. I think with a full strength Sky team he'd have too much pressure put on him and crack as he did in the Giro. Still a great ride though.
  11. I'll have to look tomorrow but I believe the cassette is 11-32. User name was either going to be Hair island or Rodney plonker- both from Bob Mortimer's impression of Steve McLaren. Thanks
  12. I have a Boardman CX team (2014 model) which is fine on the road. I completed the 2016 Prudential Ride London 100 mile ride on it with no problems at all. For long rides on the road the only changes I make are to swap the Schwalbe cyclo-cross tyres to continental road tyres for better rolling resistance. On the 'Ride London' the gearing made it fairly easy to climb Box hill and Leith hill but still fast enough to not spin out on the flat or down hill. I also find it a little bit less 'twitchy' than previous road bike I've ridden. I wouldn't go back to a road bike now.
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