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  1. The government is going to offer the EU a deal that suits everybody. Perhaps you should pressurise them into taking it. Do you think they will? I'm not sure where you watch your news but there are all sorts of problems, some which will be impossible to resolve. ---------- Post added 09-07-2018 at 23:00 ---------- Listening to comments from the EU today, it will be a hard Brexit. Or as it's known by Brexiteers, Brexit.
  2. Blimey, I'm called ENG lol. I suppose it's been better than being called a Russian bot as I was by the loony Louise Mench.... see even tagged the FBI in the tweet. I feel quite proud.
  3. Think it's already started and can only get worse. France, Germany and Italy now have large political parties that hate the EU. Then there's Easter Europe who has gone anti-immigration. The EU is critically flawed. Large sections of the populations just don't buy the benefits of the EU. It is doomed.
  4. Exactly, so has May. I reckon both parties will fall apart. The right of the tories and UKIP should join together. The left of the Tories, New Labour types and Lib Dems should form another. Corbyn and crew could then have the left. We need PR though more than anything.
  5. I think Anna Soubury and Ken Clarke will rue the day they brought about the demise of the Tories. Personally, at first, I liked the White Paper. But it appears I have been misled. When the full details emerge it looks like a soft Brexit. Nobody voted for that. Farage on his show tonight stated that he is to stand for Ukip leader in March and they are going to put candidates up in all leave seats, especially those where the people voted to leave but the MP backed remain. Interesting times ahead.
  6. I don't know. Most Brexiteers accepted that we could leave without a deal, we will be now.
  7. All the shenanigans by Remainers. Blocking, legal actions, lies, betrayal will result in no deal now. That will make them even more miserable and the Brixiteeers ecstatic. You should have just excepted the result.
  8. It's possibly the IRA who are smuggling "goods" who are opposed to the border the most.
  9. I've never understood that if there is some sort of border why this encourages people to start killing each other. Will someone explain?
  10. This is possible. The problem UKIP had and still have is that they don't have many candidates that the electorate would trust. Running the country is more than dealing with Brexit. They don't have to win that many to influence government policy. Look at the DUP. I think Dan Hodges might be right he could stand for the DUP. Would he want to though? He's been an MEP for 20 years, he has a cushy job in the media on both sides of the Atlantic and he's coining it in. It's all going to be very interesting. I can't wait to hear Corbyns policy on the EU. He's going to have to tell the truth at last.
  11. There's a border between the USA and Canada but trade passes across the Detroit bridge unhindered. They just have to go online a half an hour before and state what they are transporting.
  12. Paradoxically, with all the Remainers rubbing their hands with glee at the chaos you'd think they have some sort of victory. There will, more than likely, now be no deal and the made-up phrase "Hard Brexit" becoming a reality. Well done!
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