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  1. I agree.. I miss the cars from the old days , and yorky thanks for advice.. I went to see it this morning for the 1st time.. I have to say it's better than expected..I thought at least some rust but nope.. it's been treat well but not cleaned for years so dusty inside.. 1 door handle missing,front grill cracked, and that's all.. I'll be taking pictures to put on my website which you can view on my link by the weekend.. It's getting mot'd Friday.. can't wait Its like starting an aeroplane up or something, look at the procedure below just to start car.. Put 1 key in the immobilizer and turn Put 1 key in the ignition Take immobilizer key out Pull the manual choke lever out Turn the ignition key And adjust choke on start Hahaha especially the popl and bang sound it makes when release Accel on high revs.. This is gunna be my car for life and updated pictures will gradually get on my business page as I customize/uprate it .. keeping everything original but I'll respray it my etc.. LEDs , ohh my days it's my dream project!! Lol ---------- Post added 04-08-2018 at 01:09 ---------- Unfortunately I did not get this in the end.. I phoned DVLA and it was registered in a previous owners name so no logbook etc.. so no tax and I couldn't afford to sort it all out and didn't have the time either... Instead I have bought a 61 plate ford focus estate 1.6 TDCI ECONETIC I ethnology in an nice red colour... As I carry my boy and misses in car, at least it's safe and I actually kinda love it.. So I had to get this on Hire Purchase.. but at least I can definitely stuff to it etc.. I'm still looking for a classic car eventually but not untill I get a workshop.. I will be setting up a propper, pimp my ride UK type business and all car lovers can also gather for meets, do events and more ... Would need a workshop with office, reception and couple of garages with tools,ramps... And a couple of mechanics to constantly work there... As I have another job also... I will also be streaming videos of classic car meets,project and events etc.. I have a licence to sponsor FORZA branded products on streaming with setting up events so that the viewers who will watch live events etc will have the chance to win these items.. I have so much plans and have done alot.. if I ever do here from HMRC about having a business mentor to help me get funded.. Workshop/PC and tools would be setup within 2 week meaning profits would be huge.. I have a vauxhall meriva 1.6 8v if it's any use to all classic car owners?? I also have a Mondeo 2.2st fuel injector.. I will be attending the classic car meet on Sunday thanks to Dave's invite ... Take care all
  2. I never thought I'd be able to find a classic car at an affordable price which is also a dream of mine, I'm 28 and most lads upto my age want VXR Corsas etc.. why?? Everyone has them and 1 out of every 10 is financed, so it's not theirs and they can't touch it lol like most people in BMW's etc... I was brought up with Capris,Ford Orion's, XR3i's etc back in the 80-90's.. Cars produced from early 2000's I am disappointed with.. they thought technology would make cars smarter,better and cheaper... I can only laugh as I'm always seeing them on the hardshoulder on the motorways lol... Anyway, I have gone and got myself a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.6L GT.:-D My insurance only holding my licence 3 years is £400 for year on the wybourn.. yet I had a car with an alarm and price was 3 times more on insurance hahaha whoever set the law on insurance for cars is backwards lol This car needs TLC but has been undercoated,well looked after and done 101,000 but has been stood for 5years but recently had a good run to get to the lads that's sorting me out... Needs MOT but is ready to roll.. original parts etc... I now need to sell my meriva or it's getting px for classic car I'm going for in morning :-D Anyone here had one? Or got one? Or has any parts available? Or can help with cheap MOT's as I need it mot'd for when I px and pay bit cash... Need to take my boy to school and get to and from work? Thanks all I feel like a 2 year old and it's Xmas lol
  3. Hey Dggsheff... Thanks for the compliment of enthusiasm, my following business described is based from home.. (at the moment) unless I have luck with funding.. On top of this my car lost a cylinder yesterday on the way to work so I need another run about.. cheap,of mine and quickly lol... My business services which are available is: • General mechanical repairs. •LED & Audio installations. •Body Scratch/Dent repairs.. (small jobs only for now) •Alloy wheel refurbishments and resprays (small jobs only for now) Interior/exterior light fittings and dashboard resorays/vinyl wrapping. That's about it for now mate.. once I start investing I will be buying/selling cars, as well as selling or re-using car parts for mechanical jobs etc.. If I had funds.. I'd look straight into.. Workshop rental, tools needed etc, staff hiring, stock replenishments and investment into 1 or 2 cars to re-sell/strip for parts etc.. Also I have a brand made already, and I'm ready to purchase uniform,business cards,banners etc for the business.. I'd also buy a diagnostics machine and lifts for garage.. I'm on my 3rd week and have had 8 calls with a turnover of £645.00 Inc VAT.. I was only expecting a £5,000 turnover in year 1.. What's your interest may I ask.. or any advice given on startup would be appreciated. Also I need a business PC and a partnership to team up with me as I have great management skills but I'm stuck with big jobs.. too much for 1 and limited tools etc.. And now a damaged car of my own :-( ---------- Post added 28-07-2018 at 10:13 ---------- Sorry... I forgot to answer your customers question.. I'm looking for customers who don't have much money but are in need of help/advice or cheap repairs... It's top quality jobs for the prices given.. But for example I can refurb any wheel or even a set in 1 day, but only have Matt black spray paints in stock.. ---------- Post added 28-07-2018 at 18:05 ---------- Oh my days.. been to see someone today... As I love classic cars, I'm getting a Volkswagen Scirocco.... Nope, not the new 1... It's the 1984 2nd gen 1.6l GT.. with £600 per alloy as original racing 17inch... It's mileage is around 60k.. only my mates grandad owned it since day 1.... Also bonus is my insurance quote .... I'm dreaming as its £400 for yr or 44 quid a month... Immaculate condition just some age related scratches on body work... I'm paying£500 but my insurance is valued it at 4grand hehehehhe only £100 excess... I'm a big fan of classic cars but this is a dream come true.. just gotta sell or scrap my meriva to pay deposit for buying Friday... I'm really really happy chappy!
  4. I'm a mobile service working from home.. please see link included, or call/text directly on 07597087658.. Cheap and reliable.. SeanJohn
  5. Hi, please see my link which is signatured with my name on this post.. I have published this on maps and Google search too, I've applied for registration and also have organised and filled all the relevant sheets needed.. such as invoices,workload sheets,finance papers for suppliers to use and customers to sell to, income and outcome etc.. even with Google analytics setup.. I am struggling for funds for a workshop/garage and a few tools.. I've applied with HMRC for a startup loan, it says within 3 days I will have an advisor ringing me, but I'm asking for help or advice on funding and promoting my business, i also require a partner to have shares of the business.. which my goal is to reach a £20000 turnover by next year, I also have motor traders insurance with £5000 public liability insurance on standby..
  6. Hi, This is for car lovers, like myself.. I am working my own car by using my total imagination.. with colours,patterns,shades,styling etc.. refurbing and respraying parts inside and out! I have refurbished 2 of my alloys so far black and silver.. I want to initial them with my new business SJ's Custom Body & Paints SeanJohn/SJ will do lol.. I'm looking for someone who is an artist and can graphite freehand etc.. Id like my car drawn up with a design and logos n piks etc etc... Making my respraying project much easier.. Pm me if anyone can help!
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