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  1. I managed to get through on Thursday and was told they are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible but off the record I wasn't to hold my breath, it mihgt take a week or two to get sorted! grrr
  2. They're moving to Waddington from Scampton so you should see them even more if your in or around Newark.
  3. Hi All! I wondered if anyone could give me advise on what I need to put in an appeal letter to a secondary school for a place for my two daughters? I have moved into a new area (out of sheffield) and have been refused a place at the nearest school. They said it's just done automatically now and that I have to appeal but I have no clue what sort of things need to be put in the letter. I'm fairly sure there will be some people who have gone through this thing themselves and I hoped they would be able to give me a few pointers as to what should be going in my letter. Thanks in advance Ali
  4. I saw one last week when it gathered up all my belongings and brought them to my lovely new home. Saw one the week before too, moving someone else on my street. You are right though...there aren't many on the roads now.
  5. Sorry Randy...I read your title as a statement rather than an introduction!! I guess it shows how my mind is working today! Welcome to the forum!!!!
  6. I'm almost 40 and went roller blading for the first time a couple of months ago! i felt like a twit at first, but after a while I managed a half circuit without falling or holding on! If you've done it before, i'm sure it will all come back to you with a couple of practise sessions! have fun!!
  7. Canada is also crying out for tradespeople.
  8. In the Autumn....the clocks go forward next weekend!!
  9. My technique is to smile politely and tell the charity collectors that i already donate by direct debit! It works like a charm and they don't feel that they've missed out on a catch!
  10. Boston I agree with everything you have said. As I sit here typing this, my neighbours house is full of beer swilling, dope smoking chavs who are playing their hard core garage music so loud I have to turn my TV on and up to max to drown out the noise. These are kids that left school inthe last year or two and think life is only about gettting off their head from 10am until the wee small hours! The kids up here seem to have no drive, ambition or the will to go out and get themselves a job or college course to try and better their lives. They are just happy to live in the moment - getting drunk and high and it's such a shame. If they only had a spark of ambition or enthusiasm for something other than beer or drugs they would probably be able to achieve great things.
  11. As it says in the title! Can anyone tell me how to get to walkabout and whether there is any parking nearby? Thanks in advance guys!
  12. Or in the bus station, I think it's platform D
  13. The supertram link bus stops right outside the High School and runs every ten minutes so would be ideal.
  14. Cheers Tess!! I was hoping you weren't tarring me with the same brush as "you know who!"
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