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  1. @alchresearch Right thanks for your help, But how can i update bios on motherboard if this 9700k cpu won't boot because it needs 8th cpu to update bios to work with the 9th gen cpu's.. This motherboard not support bios flash back like Asus brand that you can flash/update without cpu or ram just need psu and usb stick
  2. as above, is there someone help me to update bios for this motherboard to work the 9th gen cpu, i had to used the motherboard with 8700k and sold it. i bought 9700k today and i realized that the motherboard has old bios. is there any pc shop can do bios update with their 8th gen cpu will pay but not much.. please let me know also willing to pay if someone help me out. Thanks
  3. hope you enjoy with your new Machine and nice to meet you. Great Lad.
  4. 7 1700x doesn't come wrait cooler but 1700 does. Weird
  5. Hi, what purpose to connect tv from pc?
  6. This is pain in the ass. Lol I'm not bother with the speed of the ram as long as my Cpu and Motherboard will capable overclocking.. Pick this free ram from me anyway. Before someone else's taking it. It's your choice pal.
  7. I have 8gb Corsair vengeance pro 1866mhz for free
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