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  1. Magic_18

    Building a new PC

    hope you enjoy with your new Machine and nice to meet you. Great Lad.
  2. Magic_18

    Cash converters

    They're swindlers..
  3. Magic_18

    Imac wanted

    He's son wanted an iMac. That's all.
  4. Magic_18

    I7-2x00k or i7-3770k

    I see
  5. Magic_18

    I7-2x00k or i7-3770k

    I'm not swindler seller like them.
  6. Magic_18

    I7-2x00k or i7-3770k

    Got 3770k and 2700k for £60 and £50
  7. Magic_18

    Gaming pc wanted

    £650 Intel core i7 6850k 6c/12t with 3 year intel limited warranty+ box Asus rampage v Extreme x99 motherboard 4x 4gb hyperx predator 3000mhz ddr4 ram gigabyte gtx 780ti Phanteks enthoo primo full tower case with 3x140mm white fans included. 240gb ssd 2tb HDD Corsair tx650w psu custom water cooling ek supremacy evo cpu block xspc photon 170 glass tube reservoir xspc d5 pump xspc rx480 radiators
  8. Magic_18

    Intel i7 gaming pc--- £275

    Intel i7 875k 4c/8t rare Cpu can be overclocked Asus 1156 motherboard AMD Radeon 7970 3gb GPU 16gb corsair ddr3 ram 240gb SSD with windows 10 2tb HDD WiFi PCIE card Cool I'll master gx650w Psu Blu ray drive Zalman z9 plus mid tower case Can be seen working Cash on collection only.
  9. Magic_18

    Intel core i7 4790 desktop £210

    It's all yours. I'm free tomorrow. I will message you tonight for what time you will be come.
  10. Magic_18

    Intel core i7 4790 desktop £210

    Yes still available ATM
  11. Magic_18

    X79 motherboard

    I'm looking for an stated above, must have 8 slot ram and full ATX size and does have io Shield. Cash waiting. Message me please. Will collect
  12. Magic_18

    Intel core i7 4790 desktop £210

    Now free of charge
  13. Magic_18

    Intel core i7 4790 desktop £210

    £100 if collected today
  14. Intel core i7 4790 4c/8t Cpu Hp prodesk 490 G2 my 1150 motherboard Hp 1150 motherboard 8gb ddr3 ram Nvidia GT 210 1gb GPU 1tb HDD 500w Psu Mid tower case Samsung DVD drive Collection ONLY! Can be seen working
  15. Amd fx 8350+ gigabyte ga-970a-ds3p am3+ motherboard Fully working! Comes with io Shield and stock cooler

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