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  1. thanks a bunch..I think I remember the shop from waaaaaay back long ago.
  2. I hope to find a place to buy a bottle of "sass" cordial to take home to the States in November if it is still sold in Rotherham or Sheffield along with Bovril,oxo and real colemans mustard.I would appreciate any help.
  3. Thanks from me too,I will be over for a week in November from the States and I usually go via the motorway and pray the traffic is flowing good through woodhead and the snake.You did say I can get a google map on this route from Sheffield to the Airport ,right? thanks again Mikeh:thumbsup:
  4. Any one in the 5th Form at Woodhouse Grammar school in 1965? I have contacted a couple of school mates and would love to hear from some more and share stories,swap pics etc.
  5. My nan and Grandad lived behind his hairdressers shop in Tinsley,Mom Marjorie (nee Swindells) Hayes and her sister Alice and Brother Donald were born and raised there.Everyone knew everybody in Tinsley and if you wanted the latest news you would find at Harry Swindells shop.My last visit was a couple of years ago and I was amazed what little was left of that area.
  6. :)I ran across the thread again.This must be the longest thread in forum history. Thanks for all the recollections..old friends of mine,mark Fallon,Ron Delta,Paul Shane who I met up with last year on a visit to Rotherham.It was the best of times for all of us turns,musos etc.It is sad to see that my old clubs ar no longer standing.Intake sports ? Tinsley,Silverwood mwc,Aquarius in Chesterfield and Fiesta.I heard Tony Whyte is still singing bless him,I played a lot of gigs for him along with Don Phillips and Diane Marsden,Phil and Dorothy Freeman,Elaine and Johnny Jackson. I am trying to find any history on the Fiesta and Aquarius night clubs,pictures etc and had no luck .So if anyone can help I would appreciate it.Mike(Mick) Hayes..Mississippi usa
  7. This time of year reminds me of going door to door to sinG carols with my sister"hole in me stockin'hole in me shoe"etc.does this still go on or is much too dangerous for kids to do it?We used to make a bob or two from the singing... a few times we could hear "not .....carol singers again,come back next week" LOL..
  8. As I remember.The old USA military base in Norton many of us learned to drive at pre driving test in the 60s,was rumour has it , the final resting place for all the old American cars unable to return with the owners to the states.Some big old pit somewhere is holding some antique caddies six feet under.Rumour or fact.????
  9. Any news of Tony,keyboard,hellraiser pal of mine from the 70s and 80s club circiut would be most welcome.Think he runs a pub somewhere.
  10. A hot pint of sass before and after a game at millmoor was heaven. There was a herbal shop behind the top of the moor which sold the cordial too.I have only found the fizzy kind in the usa...not the same.
  11. Cliff Richard Recording Santas Xmas List .is There A Singalong Cd Of This ?
  12. you always try Mcdonalds or the american style diner in the mall.my mother had the same problem years ago trying to send me a card in the states.The pilgrims were celebrating a new life away from England.Go figure.
  13. Tony and I worked at Brinsworth wmc,Golden Dragon and Silverwood mw many moons ago.Any news of him would be greqt.
  14. My last request was probably lost.Tony Warboys,organist,publican from Wath..anyone know where he is.
  15. I remember now..where in France are you.?I lived in Jersey(can see France from there)for about 4 years doing Summer seasons with Frankie Vaughan and Leslie Crowther and did a year in Pornichet,Brittany in the late 60s with the Four Blades.
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