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  1. I had new windows fitted by Style-a Home who are based in Kirk Sandal. Promised me a 10 year guarantee,but this has not been given to me after 3months. I can only assume the guarantee does not exist.... beware.
  2. Hi Shaun yes I remember the Flanagans. I remember Eddy,Vincent,and Brian. 'Flan' as she was known lived next door to the Lloyds. I had a sister called Joy who until recently lived at Grimesthorpe on the same road as your dad Vincent?
  3. Thank you for stirring my grey matter. I remember now and you are quite right Miss steward (or Stewart) taught art in the huts. A portly lady if I remember correctly.
  4. I remember some of the guys in my form. Alan Denial,Jimmy Ross, Syd Stevenson,Alan Croker,to name a few.
  5. My first form room was room #1 with Mr Harrison. If I remember correctly I think it was at the bottom of the stairs which led up to 'Pop' Gregory's office. In the 'huts' I think we had Art in one classroom with Mrs Fairhurst.
  6. I started in 1952 my form master being Mr Harrison. Not a bad guy really. Enjoyed the English lessons with Hooky,thought he was great as was the science teacher whose name escapes me. I did not get on at all with Mr Moss the French teacher. Joe Lupton was a bully. I always enjoyed woodwork with Mr Sumner.
  7. You guys obviously never saw Phillys on the piano. She hit the keys so hard the piano rocked!! Harry the waiter's rendition of 'Rawhide' was not to be missed at the end of the night. Those were the days at the Penguin round about 1959/1960!!!
  8. Indian Chef at Crookes...great food....great service and great prices.
  9. Maybe because senior citizens have probably, (like me) payed their taxes for the last 50 years,saved for their pension,and still pay all their council tax and are not drawing on things they have yet to contribute to.
  10. Morning shift 6am-2pm,up at 5am knackered all week. Afters 2pm-10pm, dead man's shift. Nights 10pm-6am fantastic!!!!
  11. I went to Oaks Fold boys club at Woolly Wood School.
  12. Bad memories of the leather flying helmet. I had a habit at that time of sucking the strap which annoyed my sister. Whilst watching Flash Gordon at the Saturday morning matinee at the Paragon,Firth Park,she yanked it out of my mouth taking my two front teeth as well!!
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