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  1. I'm surprised to read you had complications with P2U. Been using them for over 2 years and never once had any problems. I even had a delivery a couple of months back where they put 8 boxes of medication (4 months supply) in one large card envelope/flat packaging for me, which I didn't expect, especially since my doctors authorised for one month! Probably because it was during the peak of lockdown and they were trying to minimise the postal deliveries. Did you ever contact P2U to explain about the inhaler packaging? They must have certainly not been made aware or even had chance to look at it. More surprised they'd request a signature, even for neighbours. Hope you can get a solution that works best for you.
  2. CAB are good if you've got the right people; you just need sufficient information to back up your case on where you lost points on. Read what the assessor wrote in your report. If you've not got this, you are entitled to a copy. Just ask the DWP for it and they will send it, along with their reasoning why they denied your PIP. This is a great starting point if you can recall what happened at the assessment and counter any claim they wrote on their report. They are notoriously great at putting irrelevant/incorrect points into the reports to not award claims. Remember, PIP is based on how your disability/illness affects you on a daily basis, whether it be daily living or mobility. For example, if you cannot walk for a certain distance, how does that affect your body and mental state? What happens when you walk beyond the capacity you know you can? If you have Autism (this is a wide spectrum, it differs for each person), what traits affect you? Is it the difficulty of social cues, not understanding body language/tone of voice/behaviour? Is it the sheer exhaustion /limited capability of understanding someone, struggling to follow instructions? How do these affect you, and people you interact with? It's trying to think beyond what is there and understanding that you need support. Depending on the circumstances, as someone else mentioned, it may be worth enquiring to see if there are any local support groups or charities that specifically deal with what you have as they will likely have more information on how it affects you. Your doctor is also a good point of call if you weren't able to get any written communication from them. They may even charge for such information (as I know I had to get letters and was charged for the printing cost of this). Even a letter from a service you used from the NHS, or private. It all comes down to proof and you explaining in detail how certain symptoms/traits affect you personally. If you'd like more information, please do feel free to contact me privately. I've supported friends gain their PIP awards so I know the rules behind it all. I can even offer support if you simply need someone to check over your forms and try ask questions to help expand your answers to get the award you could be entitled to. Good luck.
  3. A friend just sent me a link with an article regarding Sheffield Arena and City Hall being at high risk of being closed permanently after staff were written to by bosses with potential redundancies. This would be a devastating blow to Sheffield arts and entertainment, and sports too. Had a few events booked at both of these venues and were the only events planned for this year too. Anyone know of any further information?
  4. Oh that's really interesting! Was trying to avoid ebay as the prices are all over the place and I'd have no idea if anyone would try take advantage. Would love to try get what I think they're worth. The shilling I was expecting around that range, genuinely surprised about the sixpence. May do some further research! I did have someone mention Elsecar in person a while back. Been meaning to visit so hopefully once the current guidelines are more acceptable, I'll definitely make a trip.
  5. Sixpence is 1571. The head side is mostly faded but can see the crown and outline of Elizabeth I. The text around the edge is almost clear, some parts faded. The stamp side can clearly see 1571 dated, the outline and most of the text. Some detail is faded. Shilling dated roughly 1592 - 5. The head side has a clear outline, but details are faded. The text on outside is rather blurred. The stamp on other side has most of the outline and detail, some faded areas. (Not sure if pictures will show, but they are below.) SIXPENCE SHILLING
  6. Are there any coin collectors in Sheffield? Tried looking but unable to find any answers. I've got two Elizabeth I coins (a Sixpence and a Shilling) I am looking to sell but wanted to see what I'd be offered before parting with them. If anyone is able to direct me to the right person, that'd be greatly appreciated.
  7. Huge thank you to all the NHS staff, those in all the stores continuing to provide essential supplies, those keeping up with the deliveries, the postal teams and the transport teams who are all doing their absolute best to make sure that things are going as smoothly as possible. And of course, everyone who has volunteered to help out, no matter how big or small. I'm grateful that even though my original job had the doors closed, we've been assigned to do something bigger and better that is on the same lines as what the volunteers are doing and it's so refreshing being a voice on the end of the phone to help someone out who needs it at this time no matter where they are in the country. It's times like this that is making it extremely important to keep your family and friends in close contact. Cherish every call or communication you may have with them! It will make wonderful memories in the future.
  8. Bumping this back up. Not sure if any of the previous businesses still run. Looking for a reasonable place to get a pedicure, bonus if it's mobile and can come to my home but willing to travel a short distance for the right one. Thanks!
  9. You can ask the venue for a breakdown list. They should be able to provide you with this.
  10. You must let the job centre know. If you don't, they will still find out from hrmc and you could have your benefits removed.
  11. Got return to Bridlington for 40p, and Lincoln the day they became available. Nice little treat for other half and I for the weekend to get away. Know a fair few people had issues with the website, seemingly crashed.
  12. I have one of these and have used it for quite some time. Mainly use it for rail travel as I'm deaf and autistic, the announcements at rail stations are so distorted I am unable to hear what is being said at all and the number of times I've almost missed trains because of last minute platform changes that I've not heard and had a panic attack because I don't know what's going on... Endless. Usually staff are approachable when I'm wearing one or I ask for assistance, but I've yet to use it at an airport or when I'm shopping so cannot comment on using it for these experiences. I do agree that it could expose vulnerabilities but I only have it on show when it's most needed. Whilst many are unaware of it's origins, for those that do know, it can offer that extra bit of support but it can easily get put into the wrong hands.
  13. I am looking at getting back into photo editing as I've not done it in ages. I had a bad experience with Adobe customer service a while back which put me off from using their subscription service, but upon doing other research I came across Affinity Photo. Wanted to see if anyone uses it and what your thoughts are to it and how it is compared to Photoshop/Lightroom. I have a load of psds and Lightroom presets saved on my harddrive, so I was hoping I'd be able to use these in Affinity. Any good/bad points would be appreciated! Other half is thinking of buying me the software as a Christmas gift. Cheers.
  14. They never pick up the phone either, despite trying. Really frustrating!
  15. Does anyone else have issues with window cleaners not responding to text messages? The last three/four months we have had a window cleaner in S5 now they've stopped replying to my messages. We've always paid them by bank transfer (as per the details stated on their leaflet) and since they started, we've never had any response or acknowledgement to confirm if any of our payments were received nor any indication of when they'd likely return for the following month. We had a nightmare trying to get a cleaner in our area in the first place and now I'm close to sending a text saying their service is no longer required due to no communication. Just wondered if this something that is common around here as I've never had issues with cleaners prior to relocating to Sheffield.
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