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  1. We've instructed a solicitor to look over everything for us, asked them to let us know where we'd stand and if it's worth taking to court. I've sent them a folder consisting of 235 items (scanned docs, email communications and pictures) so hopefully we'll have a good chance
  2. Bit of an update. We've finally found another (much nicer) property and moving out at the end of the month. The landlord tried to issue us an illegal notice by email saying we had 5 weeks to move out because he wants to sell. No Form 6A. No paperwork/documents through the post. Nothing. 🤣 He's honestly got no clue! Told the Council's TRO and they've tried to contact him, now he's gone silent, even after we wrote him an email with our months notice to vacate and asked him to confirm an agreed date/time for handover and inspection. So glad we're getting out.
  3. I just contacted them again as I had an issue with the website not showing my annual bill that I've been trying to print off. I also enquired about this months payment, as it's showing as Outstanding on the account. They told me I could do one of two options.. Either pay manually, or let it take a double payment next month. Decided to pay manual as I'm moving at the end of the month.
  4. I managed to phone council this morning after my payment hadn't been taken (yet said it was processed 1st June on the self-service account), they told me there was an 'internal error' with their systems that's currently being investigated but no definite timescale to when payments will actually be taken...
  5. Hence I said 'I'm aware not everyone is technically minded', incase you missed that bit. The surgeries would have information, in written and other formats that can provide instructions how to do it. Based on the fact they can even try get through to them in the first place. It's a clear communication issue. It's out there, yet nobody talks about it enough so people aren't aware of how they can access the information or support people to find an alternative method that works for them. I made the point that there is an option available. It's a shame that people are too embarrassed to ask others to help them, whether that be family or friends to even get them an appointment. As long as the surgeries are aware one way or another that they can have a nominated person to contact on their behalf due to circumstances beyond their control, it would make it that much easier. No system will ever work for everyone, things have to be and will be adapted, but at the same time people have to work out a way that is suitable for them. I've had to, and that's coming from someone who has medical needs that require the doctors attention every other month.
  6. I've never had any issues with getting through to my GP. I'm aware not everyone is technically minded, but it may be worth investigating whether your GP offers a mobile app / online booking service (Ours uses Patient Access) whereby you can book the appointments; without the need of waiting long periods on the phone. This information is usually found on their website. Our GP also offers an online contact form that allows you to raise a request to have a doctor contact back for existing/new medical concerns (essentially book an appointment/call back) or even general enquiries whereby you can get a call or text response from them. They respond within 2 working days. I've even had video consultations with the GP. I can't fault it. It has saved me so many hours of phoning and waiting, and reduces the trips so that the doctors/nurses can actually see those who are genuinely in need to be seen.
  7. Did report it back in January, as I suspected they didn't want to know anything about it and all they could offer to do was send a letter to the Landlord to get the mould fixed. 🤷‍♀️ It's across the ceiling and around the walls in our main bedroom, by the windows. One of the windows was condensed up; we reported this back in 2019 also.. We will be taking him to court, as he turned up AGAIN unexpectedly last week, after we wrote to him in an email requesting 24 hours notice and copying in the section of the tenancy agreement that also states this. It's going in our favour as we're keeping record of everything and I've printed out all the emails/screenshots that were sent since the day we moved in. We've tried to look at other properties, we managed to get a couple of viewings however the estate agents are now not communicating back with us to get an application going which is our next frustration!
  8. We have and we couldn't find anything that looked suspicious/off. It's in only one bedroom (ours); but mainly front facing wall. We had our very kind neighbour check the gutters when we first experienced problems to see if they'd been clogged or damaged, alas nothing was found. Definitely noticed when we had a large bout of rain in January it got a bit worse in terms of spread. We can't get access into the loft - It's tightly shut that even my Dad couldn't get it open pre-COVID. I did suggest if LL could look up there, he's never done so or made any attempt. Will ask again, whenever he turns back up. (Was meant to return last Saturday, never did, still no communication from him!) Checked air bricks, no blockages with those either. Very odd and definitely putting us at a loss at what to do. Thankfully, one of the estate agents came back to us to say the application on a property fell through and if we'd like to view tomorrow - Something positive for once in this!
  9. 6 months? We've been here 2 years in May, the agreement is on a periodically run yearly basis. We're fully prepared to challenge, as we have done previously and recently. If he provides a negative recommendation, we have full traces of all communication and receipts from our end and a previous good recommendation from my previous landlord to counteract. I do things the legal way and always have done, so nice try in attempting to weedle us out. 😁
  10. We have had the windows open most days as I stated in my original post. Most days equating to minimum 5 out of 7 days during the day. Heating has been on everyday at night. We've spent nearly twice as much over the Winter period and it's still not done any good. So the ventilation shouldn't be an issue. I've dealt with mould previously in other houses growing up with my parents, I'm not that stupid to not know how it works and I've followed exactly the advice from the council and all the sites/leaflets provided with no success. We are not "moaning". It clearly states that our legal obligation as tenant in our AGREEMENT to report any issues when it first arises, which we have done. He had failed to act on them in a timely manner, which is ALSO stated in our agreement, that he also has a copy of. We have requested the Landlord's side to understand why he's not doing things right, he's chosen not to give us any answers, so that's on him and we've chosen to act on the basis he's hiding something from us which has resulted in him doing things illegally. So in actual fact, I'm kindly denying your 'advice'. We pay the rent on time (and early) every month. Never missed a single payment, so to even stupidly suggest us to stop paying just to get ourselves into complications is ridiculous advice and we will not be subjected to move into a hotel; that is absolutely low. We have been applying with the property shop weekly for over 2 years for a 1 bed with no success at any point. It took our friends minimum 3 years to get theirs. Tried to contact them regarding my disabilities also to see if they could offer any support/small push on priority however we got declined. Seems we have a long way to go.
  11. He has been problematic in not responding to our communications and repair requests that we originally reported in 2019. There's only so many attempts where you can follow up an email to get a response, to get half-assed replies or no reply at all, then for him to pull illegal tricks. The rental market in Sheffield has been extremely popular lately, we have tried since November 2020 to get through to agents for all sorts of properties, in any area that was commutable to our work, we increased price ranges in our budget by £200 to at least get something and we get told the properties are either let or they are not taking anymore bookings for viewings. This week alone, I've tried to book viewings for 10 properties. We had one scheduled, but literally an hour before we were due to go view, I get a call saying an application had been put in so we couldn't attend. If he didn't want us in the property, he surely would have served us a Section 21 notice way before now. So 'just go' isn't exactly a helpful suggestion, when we have been trying and contacting various people and agents in general with no responses or success.
  12. Hoping to speak to someone who can offer advice or point us in a direction of legal advice about what we can do regarding our Landlord; and if we'd have a strong case if we were to take him to court. It's a bit of a lengthy story to even mention; but I'll do my best to summarise (which is not one of my strongest points.) Moved into property May 2019. Signed agreements at Estate Agents (who we found out were simply advertising the property for the Landlord). Reported complications with mould a few months after moving in, followed by issues with bathroom/water leaking through ceiling. (This somewhat got resolved... Very badly from poor workmanship which he somehow signed off.) Several emails sent out, which were ignored, regarding reporting mould in late 2019. Window that we had problems with got measured just before 1st Lockdown, and was told 'will not be doing anything with the window' - Fast forward a few months, contacted again about increase of mould, the window still causing issues and that gas safety check needed completing. Again, no response. Sent a letter late December (next day delivery) reminding him of his legal responsibilities, we got the gas safety check done (Eventually, that was way beyond the year mark.. Was last completed before we moved in, was done Feb 2021. That in itself is illegal that it was not done, despite requests and reminders) Followed up yet AGAIN regarding mould - I'd started getting more than usual symptoms of mould exposure due to the neglect, despite our attempts to prevent this in many possible ways. He eventually replied, stating he would check the window and mould. Claimed he had seen no mould pictures, even though I had sent pictures to him via email in November 2019, and again in January 2021. Tried to arrange a date and time for him to turn up - We explained we work until a certain time, and we cannot leave early due to the nature of the role, however he kept coming back with dates and times that were during our working hours. We offered weekends and he came back with 'I can't get a builder on a weekend'. We eventually agreed on this Tuesday, on the basis that we'd ask our managers if we could leave early, however we were not permitted and got the response of 'I don't see any point in coming if we can't get in to sort the window'. Also, last week I also went through our paperwork - I noticed we didn't get any confirmation from him regarding our security deposit that we paid to the estate agent when we moved in. I questioned the Landlord via email if he had a reference number to provide to us, as I could not find the details on any of the Gov approved deposit schemes (DPS, TDS and mydeposit) - He claimed he did not receive any money from us, however I did also contact the estate agents and they provided me with the letter showing that they transferred the money to him. (This is where it comes interesting in a bit...) I forwarded the email and letter the estate agent sent us and requested he check his documentation again and provide us with the information. No response to that email... To our surprise... We came home from work this Wednesday to find him outside of the house, completely unannounced. Not only were we shocked, but we were equally pee'd off. We let him in to see the mould, claimed the house was stuffy despite us having the windows open most days and the heating on to reduce the damp/mould (we've spent more on heating this year than we did last year!) and said the mould on the wall was 'powder' and it was 'silicone mould on the window'. I showed him yet again the pictures I took in November 2019 and Jan 2021 of how bad it had got, that I had tried to use a solution to resolve it, to which he just kept saying we were not ventilating the house properly - Even though I had told him five times by this point (in 2 minutes) that we have the windows open almost daily and heating on. He pondered to look at the mould again and the window in question, said he'd come back this weekend. As we went downstairs, he provided a folder and to our surprise again, full cash of the deposit we had paid back in 2019. We'd caught him out that he had not put the money into a deposit scheme, which we also know is illegal. He told us he was returning it back to us and that we had to put it into a deposit scheme ourselves (which I already had a bit of understanding it is NOT the tenant's responsibility). We have been trying to get out for months now; the final straw has been today when he said he was returning from Wednesday, I messaged this morning asking when we could expect him and he never showed up at all. So. Apologies it's so long. Hope someone is able to assist us with what on earth we can do next?!
  13. Hi MrAllen. I've sent you a private message, you may see a little notification somewhere at the top of the page. 🙂
  14. An early morning outside Northern General Hospital (For anyone who's curious to know... I uploaded the image to ImgBB. Put the image to get a url, but copied the image address to get the direct url, then selected 'Insert image from URL' on desktop!)
  15. I'm surprised to read you had complications with P2U. Been using them for over 2 years and never once had any problems. I even had a delivery a couple of months back where they put 8 boxes of medication (4 months supply) in one large card envelope/flat packaging for me, which I didn't expect, especially since my doctors authorised for one month! Probably because it was during the peak of lockdown and they were trying to minimise the postal deliveries. Did you ever contact P2U to explain about the inhaler packaging? They must have certainly not been made aware or even had chance to look at it. More surprised they'd request a signature, even for neighbours. Hope you can get a solution that works best for you.
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