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  1. Bumping this back up. Not sure if any of the previous businesses still run. Looking for a reasonable place to get a pedicure, bonus if it's mobile and can come to my home but willing to travel a short distance for the right one. Thanks!
  2. You can ask the venue for a breakdown list. They should be able to provide you with this.
  3. You must let the job centre know. If you don't, they will still find out from hrmc and you could have your benefits removed.
  4. Got return to Bridlington for 40p, and Lincoln the day they became available. Nice little treat for other half and I for the weekend to get away. Know a fair few people had issues with the website, seemingly crashed.
  5. I have one of these and have used it for quite some time. Mainly use it for rail travel as I'm deaf and autistic, the announcements at rail stations are so distorted I am unable to hear what is being said at all and the number of times I've almost missed trains because of last minute platform changes that I've not heard and had a panic attack because I don't know what's going on... Endless. Usually staff are approachable when I'm wearing one or I ask for assistance, but I've yet to use it at an airport or when I'm shopping so cannot comment on using it for these experiences. I do agree that it could expose vulnerabilities but I only have it on show when it's most needed. Whilst many are unaware of it's origins, for those that do know, it can offer that extra bit of support but it can easily get put into the wrong hands.
  6. I am looking at getting back into photo editing as I've not done it in ages. I had a bad experience with Adobe customer service a while back which put me off from using their subscription service, but upon doing other research I came across Affinity Photo. Wanted to see if anyone uses it and what your thoughts are to it and how it is compared to Photoshop/Lightroom. I have a load of psds and Lightroom presets saved on my harddrive, so I was hoping I'd be able to use these in Affinity. Any good/bad points would be appreciated! Other half is thinking of buying me the software as a Christmas gift. Cheers.
  7. They never pick up the phone either, despite trying. Really frustrating!
  8. Does anyone else have issues with window cleaners not responding to text messages? The last three/four months we have had a window cleaner in S5 now they've stopped replying to my messages. We've always paid them by bank transfer (as per the details stated on their leaflet) and since they started, we've never had any response or acknowledgement to confirm if any of our payments were received nor any indication of when they'd likely return for the following month. We had a nightmare trying to get a cleaner in our area in the first place and now I'm close to sending a text saying their service is no longer required due to no communication. Just wondered if this something that is common around here as I've never had issues with cleaners prior to relocating to Sheffield.
  9. I recently left Three over a month ago. I had a fantastic package with them that I'd been using with them for over 5 years, unfortunately I encountered several daily problems with network and signal after New Year to the point I wasn't getting any at all, even in my own home with their home booster. I had reported the problem monthly since January this year and was repeatedly told the "masts" would be sorted, only to find out a couple of months ago they cannot fix it and sort my problem despite doing everything they asked me to do. As a result, their managers told me it would be better for me to cancel my contract with Three because they physically couldn't do anything else! Not only was I gobsmacked at them telling me to leave their network, I was more upset they didn't do absolutely anything at all to resolve the network/signal issue as I was long time customer other than tell me they'd fix the masts. I know people are having issues with them lately, think I got out at a good time..
  10. I've had this issue leaving Kilner Way on the 97 service on a regular basis. Last time, the First website showed a bus was due, it never arrived, then had to wait an hour for the next one. When I asked the driver where the previous bus was, he pulled a face and sarcastically said 'Don't know. Not my problem.' When I lodged a complaint with First, I didn't get anything back other than the usual meek 'sorry for the disruption. We will check with our depot.' (standard response) Since the timetable change I have yet to see improvement. Been dealing with more no shows or services arriving 10 mins later than advertised isn't great service. So feel the pain. Something needs to be done about this.
  11. Hi Terri, I was diagnosed with Autism a few years ago when I was 24/25. It will somewhat be a relief and shock to process the diagnosis, yet there are plenty of options for support as a family and to help your daughter make the best of life. If you're still seeking advice, please do private message, my inbox is open for any questions!
  12. I've only lived here not even 6 months; I moved up after studying Travel and Tourism in college as a mature student in another county (Lincolnshire) before moving here with hope of finding a position in that sector. Not been successful. The lack of tourism facilities is shocking! I've seen a couple of those Welcome Sheffield individuals with the black/green hats and waistcoats going around; but there doesn't seem to be a direct tourist information point. I get there's funding cuts, but for somewhere as big as this? Lincoln (nearby where I previously lived) had loads on offer for tourism and their main attractions are the castle and cathedral. Sheffield has the cathedral, Kelham Island and a few museums which are interesting for local history - Where's all the advertisement online to attract visitors? All I've found is the Visit Sheffield page but it doesn't seem to get out there. I've tried to contact the council about it, but they appeared to ignore or not be interested which is a real shame.
  13. Looking at getting a small own-designed tattoo on my leg, pretty new to the area so looking for recommendations on studios or specific artists. Preferably in town centre or nearby S5 area. Website/social media links to artists work would be really helpful too!
  14. Any car boots on around/near S5 on Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday?
  15. I'd hope there's air con in the new/old unit! The current unit is like a sauna on heated days, feel for the staff.
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