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  1. Hello, thank you. That sounds like a pretty safe bet then. She won't mind a bit of noise and bustle (that's the reason she's chosen Crookes anyway, and the closeness to the main road) the worry was more about antisocial behaviour and things like that. Good to know. I've read there's a lot of retirees in those flats on Carson so I assume they're not having raves every night and keying cars. Thanks very much for the info.
  2. Hi, I was hoping to get some advice from those familiar with Crookes. My sister is thinking of buying a house around St Thomas Rd, and is just trying to research the street a bit. Is the area generally quiet/low trouble? We know there's a fair few student rentals on St Thomas and some social housing there and on Carson Road (the postwar flats), just trying to gauge whether it's good for a young family and the overall vibe of neighbours etc. Some student commotion is fine and already expected. Moving for Crookes shops, commute and school catchment. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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