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  1. He’s made several apologies actually. I’m guessing that you’ve never said or done anything that you are ashamed of, given your inability to accept his apology and your unwillingness to allow him to make recompense. Must be a bit dull, being so perfect.
  2. Go on Hackey. Answer my question. I’ve asked you nicely. Twice
  3. I’m not backtracking, I’m making a point of fundamental importance to the UK economy and to all of our well being. Sadly, this fundamental point is being drowned out by the Brexit Fundamentalists. So, let’s ask again. Tell us how Brexit is going to benefit us
  4. What really matters now isn’t who voted for what, or why they voted for what they voted. What actually matters is what happens next. As far as I can see, everyone agrees that Brexit is going to damage the economy, cost jobs and restrict personal freedom. I can’t imagine why any sane politician would let that happen on their watch. Of course, you leavers may know different. If so, please tell us how Brexit is going to benefit us.
  5. Then why didn’t you ask that? Why ask a totally different, antagonistic question?
  6. Why does that matter? If he can live off his allowance, then good luck to him. If he combines his office with a regular job, that’s fine too. I really can’t see what point you are trying to make
  7. I think there is an option to buy and a fee agreed, so his performances will not affect his value. Selling him outright wouldn’t help much with FFP anyway. Getting the 1.5m loan fee and hefty wage contribution will be just as useful as an outright sale, and we still own the player.
  8. Winall would be a good signing for you as a player. As a squad member, I’m not so sure. He’s got a tendency to rub people up the wrong way. For me, the key ingredient in Wilder’s success has been the togetherness that he fosters. Winall could damage that. Having said that, £4m and he’s yours:)
  9. He’s under 50. No history of court cases and less unpredictable that Leon. He’d have been a significant upgrade on anything you have.
  10. I’m not so sure. Some of this is personal. The two owners won’t even sit in the same room as each other on match days. I don’t think that McCabe wants to sell to the Prince at all. McCabe has done a great job keeping United afloat, but he’s dropped the ball this time. If the Blades arent careful, this could cost them dear
  11. 1.5m was the loan fee. Plus wages. I’d say Wednesday got a decent deal. It more or less covers our commitment to Boro.
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