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  1. It seems to be a bit of a talking point, at the moment, about the shopping bills going up. My regular shopping, in this case is Morrisons in Hillsborough, seems to be about £30 more expensive than usual. I've heard other people mention this about other supermarket's and even the nice lady at the checkouts when my wife was flabbergasted about a £97 bill put her head down as if to say she's heard this a few time already. It seems that the offers are not on or where they used to be. I presume that this is to discourage people from buying to much, as in get one free or cheaper to buy two items at a time or is it just to cash in and be greedy? Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Thank you Annie, That's really interesting as she is also on stations. The squits stopped as soon as the coarse of tables finished so it's possible that she had the side affects, but not ruling out the bug. Thank You for replying and I hope you are over your illness.
  3. Just wondering how long the side effects of squits last when taking this tablet. The tablet seems to be doing the job and it might be a case of shut up and make do for ten days but if anyone has any experience and advise then I would appreciate. Thank you
  4. Vinyl. I just pull four or five albums out at random and i always in a mood to listen to whatever I've pulled out, but if I listen to digital music, like my I-pod, I struggle to think of what I want to listen to. It must be the art work on vinyl, Its like eating with your eyes.....
  5. Hi Daven, Thank you so much for the advise, I will find out about the support groups. It looks like that its all about the amount of times they can change it, which is every 8 yrs, and its that which is the dangerous bit. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and also I'm very sorry about your Mum, I lost mine to cancer recently but she also had dementia for 3 years, from the official diagnosis, and it was devastating to watch it take hold. Take care ---------- Post added 16-05-2018 at 20:48 ---------- Hi Alan, That looks amazing and I had no idea that it could be done under a local anesthetic, wow, Thank you so much for that and all the best with it.
  6. not as yet, but i managed to pm you ---------- Post added 13-05-2018 at 22:23 ---------- I will try again tomorrow, ps the avatar is from 2012
  7. Hi Lindsay, at the moment I can't PM as i've not made enough posts!! if this counts as post no.2 then theres three more to go
  8. Hi Lindsay, I could be interested if your still looking, would you please send me more information about your practice room etc. and anything you want to ask me, Thanks.
  9. Thank you for replying Max. She's having another cryoablation. Her first one didn't last long, about 3 month's, but this second one is more intrusive and this time it's under a general anesthetic and If it doesn't last long then the surgeon will talk about a pace maker but keeps saying that its a last resort because of her age. I was just wondering about other peoples experiences and any information and advise would be great in learning about pro's or any cons involved. Thank you Max and I hope it's been a big success for you.
  10. My wife may be having a pace maker fitted over the next year, she's in her mid 40's and I was wondering if anyone has had or knows of anyone who has one fitted around the same age (or any age), it's the information, experiences and advice that anyone has that would be helpful.
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