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  1. Hi, Thanks everybody for your posts. As someone has pointed out, I am moving to Sheffield for professional reasons - i.e. a new job in the city centre. I am not moving alone though but with my wife and two children aged 6 and 10. Finding a nice area and house for them to grown up and a decent school are my main priorities at present. We check websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, etc daily however, think that nothing can compare to the residents' knowledge of the place hence this post. Thanks again,
  2. Hi, I will be moving to Sheffield very soon and wonder whether I could pick your brains and get your advice regarding family friendly areas to live in. These are the essentials: - 3/4-bedroomed house - good nearby primary schools - family friendly location (i.e. parks, low rates of antisocial behaviours, etc) - garden - commutable distance from city centre Some desirables: - good secondary schools - garage - supermarkets close by Finally, would you say Hillsborough would meet our requirements? Are there areas you would advice us better to avoid? Would Chesterfield be a good option even if it's a bit farther away? Look forward to seeing your replies. Thanks
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