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  1. The clue is in the name "South" geographically number one as well.
  2. Eh?, Where are they in the league presently compared to other South Yorkshire teams.
  3. My bad, OK then South Yorkshire's top team. You do realise Barca isn't in Yorkshire either don't you?.
  4. Another win and another clean sheet for Yorkshire's top team.
  5. Top of the league again for Sheffield's finest that'll do for me.
  6. Arrived home from Blackburn 15 minutes ago the weather was fine, the Blades should have been well ahead in the first half if it wasn't for four good saves from their goalie, we let them play for twenty minutes in the second half but never looked in any danger then we scored a couple and we're all over them, the M62 was blocked so our coach made for the Woodhead pass which was also closed so we ended up on the Snake pass and dropped in town just after midnight with those three points safely in the bag. Blackburn's first home defeat for a year and greatly deserved.
  7. I'm going tonight anything from a place with such a good home record would be a result.
  8. I just posted what I'd seen on another site it did create quite a few replies of varying quality and also genuine interest from a couple of people, maybe we could do it aa a joint effort between us all and that way keep it friendly and troll free.
  9. I did know the Wednesday score but thought better of posting it due to how a few on here seem to react. Also the United game is the one quoted to be of interest in the other thread there was no mention of Wednesdays next U 23 game. Seeing as you mentioned it Birmingham U 23's were top of the league until yesterday so not such a bad loss for your youngsters.
  10. Drawn 1-1 and top of the league according to information on another site. Things looking good so far.
  11. They're not doing bad for a team who can't score goals.
  12. A great result for Sheffield's number one team
  13. What's wrong with people on here a draw at home is not a good result especially from a team who's chairman says if they don't get promoted this season they will be in big trouble
  14. No score at the moment but I'll start a thread anyway. We struggled here last season having a bad day at the office let's hope for a better result today.
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