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  1. Hello. I thought I'd be polite and introduce myself as I am new on this forum. My name is Carl and I live in Crookes/Walkley. I used to be a secondary school English teacher but now I am self-employed. I have two businesses. My first business is a mobile cooking school and food delivery service which specialises in Pakistani and Indian cuisine. To cut a long story short, I love making curry with and for people. My second business is a personal tuition business teaching pupils the skills they need for GCSE English literature and language success. I am not on Sheffield Forum to advertise either business I am just telling you a little bit about myself. I moved to Sheffield in 2006 after graduating from Huddersfield University. I am very happy in Sheffield and I'm a home owner with one small child and another one on the way in July. I love Sheffield and thought this would be a good forum to discover more about this amazing city. Carl
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