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  1. No , it always prompts me to enter a password or username is wrong.
  2. Ok , but i didn't create any MS account ,,,,,, all i have is a local account ,,,,,
  3. And then what?Is there anything to do with my problem?
  4. Thanks for your advice .......
  5. I don't have MS account on my laptop , maybe i can download UBCD to do .... Can you give me some detailed instructions since i have no experience in this area?
  6. A third-party tools ? i tested it yesterday, without any help.
  7. The last few days , Whenever I opened my laptop, the computer automatically reminds me - update Windows 10 , last night I clicked into it curiously.Then the computer showed "download the latest Windiws 10 version" ,I agreed and set it to "install automatically after download" mode.But I couldn't open it this morning since it's locked,there's only one account on my laptop -- a local account, but now the login password cannot be recognized , Does anyone know how to unlock it?
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