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  1. Chernobyl 10/10. The Handmaids Tale waiting watch S3 9/10. Mad Men waiting to watch S7. 8/10 Orange Is The New Black 8/10 Watched the first episode of The Night Of last night, I think I may be in for a treat! Mindhunter S1 10/10, S2 9/10. I can't wait for s3.
  2. Hello all I am looking for a decent city centre restaurant to eat in before going to the theatre. Can you help please?
  3. Haven't been on the Forum for a very long time and whilst searching for a restaurant review, I found this. I loved The Coach House. We used to go every Christmas Day for dinner for years and it was brilliant. The food and the service was second to none. There aren't any restaurants like this anymore which is a shame. I do miss a good desert trolley!
  4. My new obsession is Orange. Orange Is The New Black is superb! Funny, excellent script writing and acting. Not liking all the sex scenes, too many and unnecessary in my opinion, thankful for fast forward. I didn't think I would like this, but after watching the trailer on Netflix, it got me hooked. On series 5 of 6. Also watching Rough Justice a Belgium detective series on All4 which is alright. Looking forward to watching the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon and series 2 of Queen of the South on Netflix.
  5. Flash - master of the universe G
  6. Stood on a stool - oo er Hi all, hope you are all fine and dandy this cloudy Wednesday!
  7. Totally agree with you there. Loved CB in American Psycho.
  8. Sour patch kids sweeties and Godiva chocolate
  9. OOO Bar six yum, can you still buy them? Chewits
  10. Francypants - your Uncles house must be spotless! Moped downstairs floors
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