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  1. The question was more so which were the top recommended halls for the top experience lmao
  2. I've an unconditional offer at the University of Sheffield to study in September, I've accepted them as my first choice and now I need to think about which accommodation I want to choose to live in for the first year. I've had a look at Endcliffe student housing and also the Allen Court, and have heard extremely mixed reviews. I was 20 in January so am obviously a bit older than majority of the new students. Obviously I don't want to be completely out of everything social-wise I like to go out, but from some of the stories I've heard of Uni I don't particularly fancy going out 'every single night' etc. Then again on the other hand, I wouldn't want to be one of those people who're stuck in accommodation with unsociable people who don't go out at all/communicate and regret being in that kind of student accommodation and not enjoy the first year of being at Sheffield. All opinions are welcome/wanted as I'm feeling like the whole decision is a bit daunting:help:
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