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  1. so who is using the cameras now then?
  2. which was a smoke screen the truth was the scc handed the system over to the police for their use only
  3. thanks for that hillsbro. do buy well show up any earlier?
  4. I seem to remember on the corner of snig hill and castle street a shop called buywell electronics
  5. and who do you think picks the bill up to clear the fly tipping up
  6. be careful what you wish for. take a long look back at history what has s.c.c ever improved. me I wouldn't trust them with a lego kit
  7. unless I missed it Im surprised no mention of the LA PLATA wmc outings
  8. coppy and pasted from cleanriverstrust. The natural colour of water that comes from the old abandoned mines across the world is a shade of ochre, the basic constituent being the most common mineral on earth; iron. ... The iron in the minewater is not poisonous in its self but will cause streams and rivers to become biologically dead very quickly.
  9. the one I was referring to in post 227 was on Hillsborough road not Hillsborough place it was 2 or 3 doors up from Hillsborough place opposite the old post office
  10. there used to be an ice cream man on Hillsborough place I cant remember the name circa 1960 opposite what used to be the old post office, I bet you know
  11. Ihad the same problems with the twin su carbs on a mini cooper
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