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  1. and be sure to believe every word they say. remember Nick Cleg
  2. Cornwall as in Cornish people come from Cornwall
  3. they (s.c.c) could convert the building into a cycle drome for the masses of cyclists they are expecting. R.I.P Sheffield city centre
  4. I know the one you mean it was on the corner of vere road and leppings lane but the op is talking about Halifax road
  5. Leeds is quite a journey from Gleedless
  6. Mick Flynn WAS ON LANGSETT RD the only richardson on penistone rd was a bus / coach firm opposite the royal lancers pub
  7. I bet if you gave your local infants school a box of crayola crayons and paper they could solve the problem in minuets. S.C.C ?
  8. I wasn't aware Lansdowne road ran up to Woodseats
  9. I remember FTW on Penistone rd but cant think of any others. who do you remember
  10. late 50s early 60s Dr Adamson on Holme lane who was also the track side Doctor at Sheffield speedway
  11. what year was this as I cant recall any shops in that area
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