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  1. HI Mike it was on Norfolk street behind the peace gardens
  2. did Warringtons run/own eagle garage? I knew a chap called Ray red hair and glasses who worked at Warringtons I was also a very good friend of George Hobson and his son Graham
  3. I didnt know of the jam factory. did you work for warringtons
  4. HI Bullerboy I have just been reading the Coffee bars in Sheffield in the 1950s can you remember which corner the Coronation cafe was in post 1969 when it was opposite the kelvin flats thanks Mick
  5. I also believe Harold had one of the rescued pups
  6. did you know Harold Cooper worked at queens road depot and lived just round the corner from you
  7. what year would this be? as I have always known it to be Wards best bitter
  8. growing up in Sheffield 1960 to 1970 there was a string of secondhand sops I cant remember if they were called city exchange or city sale and exchange the branches I remember was orchard street,bottom of the moor, and abbeydale road just past the royal hotel and opposite side of the road the abbeydale road one was managed by a woman can anyone remember her surname?
  9. yes I can see it in my minds eye now. I cant believe there was room for 3 retail units No 90, 92, 94 on that spare land at the side of the pheasant
  10. HI Yorky do you know why they where demolished in such a relative short time?
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