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  1. it runs from Sharrow lane down to Abbeydale road
  2. I spent half my life looking in The original Lewis Leathers Shop windows late 60s on-wards. the new shop didnt have the same magic. bought my first of many A10s just off London road up the side street with ted Williams at the bottom 1974 A10 double adult sidecar £25
  3. I use to live just up cemetery road from there in the 60s / 70s
  4. the silver slipper was called the Sunderland social club because it was on the top corner of sunderland street. pembroke street was the next street on the right hand side up going up cemetery road
  5. MFI was at the bottom of London road / moor / Bramall lane
  6. there was also a little petrol station just before you got up to Glynn Webb on the left
  7. all I need is someone to write my name and phone number on a piece of paper and slip it through his letterbox
  8. Target was in the same building as Glynn Webb but before Glynn Webb
  9. there was only Halfords and Comet on right hand side as you entered
  10. Im looking for someone living in close proximity to or on cliff street cemetery road end that could post a message to a resident living there who is a very old good friend of mine
  11. you couldn't make it up could you. just a recap, do you remember the sevenstone project has anyone been shopping in the sevenstone quarter yet? no I didn't think so and that's been at least 20 years in the making. so I wouldn't hold my breath till the new station approach is done.
  12. W.H.CURTIS was on the moor he was a B+O dealer and later in early to mid 70s became part of mcdonalds in the early 70s there was J+BW on London road who sold secondhand records
  13. so who is using the cameras now then?
  14. which was a smoke screen the truth was the scc handed the system over to the police for their use only
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