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  1. is it just a plain gold ring ?
  2. the smoke, it's coming right down the valley from Holme Moss area
  3. I worked there I started late 1971 I too worked on top floor Chris Pickering was foreman/gaffer I too worked on the guillotine I think they had just moved it to near the paper store when I started. I remember a guy called Steve who operated the guillotine on the middle floor he cut the cardboard. I think the middle floor manager was called Mr Love, I also remember the guy in the basement who operated the waste baler cant remember his name. on the guillotine I operated I cut the paper you turned a big wheel under the deck which moved the back to determine the size then you put your foot on the peddle that brought the clamp down then pulled a lever up to bring the blade down. I also remember Mr Adams assisting to change the blade they were heavy I also remember Cliff Godley the fitter/repair man.
  4. Man and van to collect a motorcycle from Weston super mare contact with price. thanks
  5. we already have the performing Clowns but they sit in the town hall on rainy days
  6. HI Rockers the police box you mention was on Pear street, Pear street ran from the bottom of Montague street to Ecclesall road. what you refer to as Frog walk was actually Stalker walk . Mick
  7. Terry Ashworth 1970 cant remember what he taught saw him last in the tv show Minder
  8. do you know if either garage used the on board diagnostics with a code reader?
  9. RIP Gary your performance is over
  10. Someone just threw a bottle of Omega 3 tablets at me! Luckily my injuries were only super fish oil
  11. so since the stormy weather started the wife has constantly been looking through the window I shall have to let her back in soon
  12. Well....I got 14 valentines cards, 7 helium balloons, 4 bunches of flowers, 5 boxes of chocolates 2 bottles of good wine, almost took my breath away! That bloody security guard at Tesco can run
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