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  1. My advice would be to make the menu distinct from other Indian Take Aways. Get a good chef. Then you might have a decent chance and you will have something different to promote. Having been to India several times and tasted the variety of food and preparations regionally, the very limited menus in places like Sheffield are largely very uninspiring.
  2. Whats wrong with both reporting and whinging? Also there is something called sharing information, or maybe in time of lockdown (as it still is for many) where there is limited contact with others, the opportunity to compare and discuss experiences, or possible responses with others. Just a few thoughts on different approaches to using a forum.
  3. This is a huge concern in S2. I have been here for 4 years but I never experienced this until lockdown but it seems to have become a permanent feature. Frightening speeds on all of the roads around here and so noisy, going on all through the night. Sounds like Brands Hatch.
  4. there are more on the above link I counted about 16 in so far 9 Lab, 3 Green, 5 Lib Dem Coming in fast now I think!
  5. Thanks for this....but I wonder how she found out the result? ...from where?
  6. Anybody know when the Sheffield election results are announced? I looked on the SCC website but couldn't find any information about when we might get the results
  7. that's real scary stuff!...I don't usually have breathing problems but was struggling yesterday I guess this explains why. Doctors are going to be very busy.
  8. I'm sorry but the bit about the Police is simply not true. I know this area well and there has been a massive police presence in recent weeks on ALL streets in that area.
  9. As an Easter treat at the Home of Football, Saturday's game versus Cleethorpes Town has been designated a half price entry game. Admission to the game is £4 adults and £2 concessions. It's an opportunity to see some grassroots football at a very reasonable price. Sheffield FC have been struggling for the most of the season but have picked up form in the last few games under new management. They still need 2 or 3 wins to be clear of relegation so a chance to help them with your support. Cleethorpes will be tough competition. Coach & Horses Stadium, Sheffield Road S18 2GD ---------- Post added 31-03-2018 at 10:02 ---------- Unfortunately this game has been postponed due to heavy overnight rain. That's non-league football!!!
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