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  1. Hi there. Are you still looking? I'd be interested in this. I'm a mid-40s guitarist, been playing since a teenager. Brought up on Cream, Hendrix, indie, jazz fusion etc and into all sorts now! let me know of you're still looking for musicians!
  2. It seems as a new user I can't PM you guys back until I post 5 posts! ---------- Post added 19-03-2018 at 19:24 ---------- I've not come across JoJo & Nerve before, but giving a listen now and sounds great! Would be great to come and play with you. When's good? (will try and PM you back when i get my post count up!)
  3. Hey - I'm also looking for musicians to jam with! I'm 44, and guitarist. I'm into most genres but lean towards the funkier side. And I love Gong! Been playing guitar for nearly 30 years and also into the tech side of music, e.g. I use Ableton Live & Push2 to programme drums, loops, keys, guitar fx and record. I'd be up for jamming and writing some tunes and see where things go..
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