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  1. At SHS the houses are still named after the four founders of the original school.
  2. I don't know of a specific club but in the past the Showroom has done the odd session, in holidays. Also, he could do lots at home - you don't say what age he is. At school our children use I Can Animate, an iPad app, to create their Stop Motion Animation. We add sound via iMovie.
  3. Thank you so much ---------- Post added 19-03-2018 at 18:09 ---------- It will be very interested to see if this is the same image, and if so it will be great to finally date our own photograph.
  4. We have the original of a photograph taken at the school, which we have been trying to date for a little while. We posted it on our school FB and Twitter pages today: Facebook - @HBISInf Twitter: @HBInfants An old post on here sounds like a possibility - May Day, 1934. But can anyone confirm this, or suggest any other information that might help us date the photograph? We do have some additional archive documents and photographs which we are also working though, including the original Headteacher logs and old registers. We would love to hear form any past students from he school with their memories. Thank you.
  5. A long shot as this thread is now VERY old! But is the original poster still around? We have the original of a photograph at the school, which we have been trying to date for a little while. It was actually posted today on our Facebook page. I was wondering if it was indeed the same photograph??
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