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  1. We were young girls, and Lucy and her twin sister asked there father who was the priest of the church if we could do something with the community hut. It was good fun,,we decorated it did a stage never thought it would take off like it did. This was about 1965. The Ark was a good name because they all came in 2 by2. A brill set up. Often wondered what happened to Lucy I think her sister was was Brenda. Carol wood.
  2. Hi cold you help my father Alfred wood born 1929. Grandson to Noah wood. They lived on 5th row 34 Tyler street. Shivlocks lived at 40 and Charles Palmer 36. Noah had a daughter called Phoebe who is mother to lily and my dad Gordon wood Phoebe was in and out of fir vale I do believe she wasn't married. Lily married into Robinson family eldest son Eric his dad was John Robinson lived on Sanderson road 7th row 23 if any one knew my grandad I woul like to know the stories thanks woodycas
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me, my Aunt Audrey Leah wood was in fir vale with her mum Phoebe Wood didn't know who thedad was they lived on Tyler street huts my father Alfred (known) as Gordon was brought up by their grandad Noah Wood and step grandma Clara. There was also an older sister Lily Wood who married a Robinson when they moved to Deerlands avenue in 1939.My aunt Audrey was moved to fulwood cottages when she was about five she was born 1932. I have found her daughter Heidi Leah she lives in London and we have been looking for information but not much. Joy .We cannot understand why she got sent to Royal Albert hospital lancs which is about 90 miles away so she was away from her eldest sister Lily and brother Alfred Gordon wood. Phoebe wood the mother was sent to Whittington hall chesterfield and she died 1993 .if any one can remember the family and fill in a gap I would be ever so great full.
  4. Hi rap when I went to burgoyne it was Cohen that was head I think I was about 8 1961 is. My mum would be there same time as u but when there was bomb threats they were sometimes in people's houses for lessons. Florence and Edward pickering were her parents who lived in 202 burgoyne road and it was bombed. Alice her sister married marries they had veg shop. Where did u live.
  5. Hi my name is Carol Wood lived on Harworth Street went to burgoyne Road school..i went to school with Mary Howard who lived across. I new Raymond fundy and his brother. Dennis the butchers lived on the end of Rd. I new Alan Taylor off bloor Street. My mother was Sylvia pickering her house was bombed in war they lived in the same yard as butterworths I went to school with Lynn. Mar riots were my mums cousin they had veg shop. Bilton were bakery above were Saunders chip chop then post office Dennis butchers and wool sop. Across was pawn brokers then Gregory butchers Bridget the dad died and they moved to Hillsborough. On Whitehouse Lane were the siddals shop Sue dad took Mary and me to school every morning to myers. My best friend was jania kantar and I New Janet Hawley she was another cousin to my mum. The buttery family is my mother Sylvia sister who lived with grandad pickering on hawkesworth Road she had Hazel Janet and Christopher aunt Edna and uncle Ted. Her other brother lived on Blake Street and Frank pickering married norah of tennyson Road. I hope some one will know any one of these persons and have some catch up..
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