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  1. Hi Lema, I live in S12, do you know where roughly in S12 she was? I’ll certainly keep an eye out on my walks. Hope shes found safe and well. Ant
  2. I went past it the other afternoon. No sign of life - although I have no idea of their opening times etc. Didnt see anything to indicate they were closed permanently. But again thats not really much of an indication. Hmm thinking about it now I’ve typed this up, pretty useless bit of info 😂 sorry !
  3. I guess we dont know what may already be going on in the background with the Council and the ‘offenders’. Maybe until someone - or enough people complain, nothing happens? Might just be that they cant afford to do anything about it 😂
  4. I dont work in London now, and when I did, i lived down there.
  5. Cant remember if I’ve done this one already lol Abbeydale first and middle
  6. I think a lot of companies will be thinking about the money they spend on offices / buildings etc. One of, if not THE biggest outlays for many businesses is where to ‘house’ their staff. Obviously there will be some exceptions. The company I work for started during lockdown, has staff around the globe, and we are successfully making it work with no offices I save time and money not commuting (when I worked in London that was 3+ hours a day and a £400 a month rail ticket). Lots of positives , working from home !
  7. @Mr Allen, I’m not wholly surprised you reacted as you have. It wasn’t an attack on you, as I said. Thats all I’ll say. @Padders Thanks for your comment. Glad my tuppence worth wasn’t totally wasted 👍 @slh73 Not really sure what you mean by your comment?? Though you’re entitled to your opinion. Hey Ho, thems the breaks
  8. I may be wide of the mark here or be opening a new tin of worms, and this is certainly a genuine comment and not a ‘dig’ at anything / anyone. In a previous life I knocked on doors for charities (yes, some of you wont agree with that and will possibly have some ‘choice words’, but it is what it is) As part of the training we went through how to ensure that the person we were talking to was ‘fit’ mentally and understood what they had agreed to. This was usually the elderly, but I did come across a few people that were much younger, that were keen to sign up, but it would be clearly wrong for me to sign up. Maybe there was more than meets the eye going on when you were challenged? As I said earlier - no disrespect meant.
  9. I went to Meadowhall a couple of times recently. Once it was very empty. There is a kind of one way system in place to move people around the centre, which worked well. Some of the shops on two floors had a system where entry Was on the lower floor, and exit was on the upper. Good idea but annoying if you happened to be on the top floor and weren’t allowed in. However, a small price to pay to keep us all safer. The shops themselves have green and red markers they put outside to indicate how busy they are inside. My second venture was a different story, I went when it was more typically busy. The one way system to an extent was ignored and everyone just wandered about as usual. The centre in imo had too many people in it. The queues outside Primark were quite something (nothing unusual there), which eventually led the centre to stop people accessing that section of the centre by blocking off access at Sports Direct - which means that everyone now had to find somewhere else to go, causing some major overcrowding in a larger area elsewhere. Its difficult to know what the right thing to do is, I accept that - Maybe limit the numbers entering in the first place, but then you just end up with giant queues waiting in the car park etc. Thats my experience !
  10. I caught a National Express coach yesterday - had to pre book and buy a ticket, couldn’t just turn up. So I assumed that they knew how many tickets had been sold and stopped when the coach was appropriately ‘safely’ filled up. Every single seat was taken - seems the rules about social distancing is exempt already on trains (another non socially distanced trip) and coaches. It was ridiculous.
  11. A touch screen stylus might help, I have the same issue with it sometimes. I’ve seen them on sale for a couple of pounds or so.
  12. I was a massive AatA fan in the ‘80s. Think it was the first (certainly one of the first) albums I ever bought.
  13. I live at Gleadless, and often hear fireworks from somewhere at 10pm or later. Not sure where they are coming from.
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