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  1. I couldn’t get on yesterday morning, via Safari or duck duck go on either my iphone or ipad, but it seems ok now - odd, nothing on the site mentioning the issue - bizarre !
  2. There appears to be a Facebook page to bring Puds back !! https://www.facebook.com/Bringbackpuds/ Idont seem to be able to paste the link in though ! Looks like the link DOES work lol
  3. Doesnt Blake Street have a handhail running up the side of the pavement?? Back in the ‘80s id drink in the Blake at the top, my then gf’s uncle or cousin ran it. Luckily we got there from Walkley and not from the bottom of the hill !!
  4. Currently use the Xbox to watch DVDs Next poster - Ever gone out with odd socks on?
  5. I was on £1 an hour n ‘86 when i got my first proper job. Then moved down south in ‘88 and was on £7000. I thought i was a millionaire - but then the rent etc came out lol.....
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