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  1. Hi All, I am currently a student at Sheffield Hallam University, conducting research in relation to one of the modules on my Masters course. It is mainly just market research concerning your age, gender and current housing situation. All data will be completely anonymous and at no point will any participant be identified. The data will be destroyed at the end of the module. Please go to the link below to complete the questionnaire; https://goo.gl/forms/UtmEnblKtZQYfJb33 Many thanks for your participation in advance.
  2. All very interesting points, will definitely take note. The main issue I definitely keep coming across is the trust issues due to the question of validity in terms of legal stuff etc. Thank you for feedback
  3. I often find it hard to find places that appeal to me as often in clubs and bars, the main source of entertainment for people is alcohol. I have nothing against it, but just often find myself saying no to invitations to these places as I can feel a bit out of place. As a non-drinker, is there any good places in Sheffield to go for fun?
  4. Hi, I am A and I'm new to the forum. Just here to introduce myself as that's the polite thing to do!
  5. Anyone see Masterchef last night and absolutely baffled by the smoked chicken and sorbet?
  6. I'm just doing a bit of research here, for a start up company and wondered if this idea of having tenants for free living with you in exchange for them doing work e.g. gardening, cleaning etc. is appealing...and if not, what are your concerns associated with it.
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