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  1. Have you felt lonely at some point? many other people have too. We have too but through running and Walking we found a way to combat this. Running is a great way to meet people and put a smile on your face and we have put together an event that is built around enjoyment, making new friends and fun. We are partnering with Up and Running Sheffield to put on networking events leading up to the race including running meets that will support you and help you to meet new people in a great atmosphere* Come joint in and be part of the friendly running revolution The Big House Buddy Run is a 10km multi-terrain race. It is a very special event in that it takes place on the grounds of the Fitzwilliam Wentworth Estate and runs through the most picturesque parkland landscapes with serpentine lakes, monuments and follies. However, the highlight of the Run is the palatial Wentworth Woodhouse itself, the largest privately-owned house in Europe. We have been granted never-before access to run the course through the grounds of the house, including the grand back garden. The race is satisfyingly fast, fun, and scenic, and is perfect for all levels of runner. The Buddy Fun Run is ideal for fun runners and junior runners alike and The Buddy Walk-and-Talk is for non-runners who would like to take in the sights of the Wentworth Woodhouse grand back garden and be a part of this special event. So ‘buddy up!’, register for the race, and together let’s overcome loneliness one step at a time @bighousebuddyrun
  2. Hi there, Anyone know where i can get my children book printed with a hard cover in the area? its only 16 pages long and i have it as a PDF file. i Just cant seem to find a printer that can bind it.
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know if there are any places that you can play short tennis in Sheffield. My husband and I are quite unfit and on holiday we played an hour of short tennis and it really gave us a good work out which was fun without getting exhausted:gag: All suggestions welcome
  4. I am organising a 10k run and a 3 k fun run that has been designed specifically to address the problem of social isolation and loneliness. You can find out all about it on our facebook page which is @bighousebuddyrun
  5. Hello from The Big House Buddy Run
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