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  1. According to my Sheffield street map, Bowden Street ran rom 97Wellington Street to Button Lane.
  2. My Sheffield Street Guide gives the location of Granville Lane as, 34, Bungay Street, Park to Shrewsbury Road. This could be pre 1939. Hope this is of some help.
  3. I remember them both with fond memories. Also the smell. Happy days in the Billiard Hall next to the Park Cinema and Burt Beaches cycle shop.
  4. Is this the same Hays that sold Hallamshire Cream Sherry?
  5. Does anyone have memories of the choir circa 1956/57 I remember weekly practises at Southey Green school before being taken by bus to Hurlfield school prior to singing at the City Hall. Is there still a School Choir?
  6. Just been catching up on this thread, and the "noddy car" used in the circus at Blackpool Tower was and is an Austin 7. It is now back to being used in competition and has had all the complicated clowns parts removed. The turkey has survived and resides in Lincolnshire
  7. Memories, Saturday 's evening meal was nearly always Davy's tomato sausage, and a walnut and coffee cake from, if I remember correctly Hagenbachs's. Best sausages and never bettered.
  8. Hello Peter, I was in NBM from 1960/1969. I seen to recall an electrician being killed by an overhead crane. He was knocked off the crane when someone had replaced the fuses without permission.
  9. The paintings were outside Mr Hemmings room. They were about 12inches by 10 inches. If they were turned round the old house names and colours could be seen. Only saw then a couple of times, but I think Churchill was Blue and Chang h'i Chek was red. It seems so long ago, but fond memories remain. I left in April 59.
  10. Just been having another look at the site. I think that the houses in the mid 50s onwards were DRAKE (RED) RALEIGH (GREEN) NELSON(BLUE) AND GRENVILLE(YELLOW). If you turned the to the back of the paintings the houses prior to this were CHURCHILL, ROOSEVELT, STALIN AND CHANG H'I CHEK I cant remember the colours of these.
  11. I worked there in the early 60's 3 directors names I seem to recall were Mr. Bull, Mr Latham and Mr Jack Lonsdale. I believe Jack Lonsdale died in a car accident, think about Christmas time. Jag 3.8? Possibly 1964. Did someone die as a result of falling into the acid pickling pit. Story I was told, but before I started working there. It's possible that his wife was the receptionist. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Just found this site. I remember FLEMING and he reduced a kid to calling him a b.....d in class. Went very quite and then sent him to Mr Hemmings room. Doe's anyone remember Mrs Cox the secretary?
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