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  1. Reading his son's Facebook, it's not looking like he will pull through. xx
  2. The "Echo Chamber" is in full swing over on the STAG Facebook page. They seem convinced that last night's results somehow validate their approach. They are blind to the fact that Labour took 40 % of the vote yesterday (it was 35% in 2014), and think that a few seats to the Lib Dems and The Greens are indicative of a trend. They're not. Alison Teal's magnificent performance aside, it's just business as usual. In fact, nationally Labour did so badly that last night can be seen as a triumph in Sheffield.
  3. Yet you chose to waste more time on a silly answer. Well done.
  4. Really? Really? I pay council tax to Sheffield, so like everyone else, I am intimately involved. The costs of the feelings have now risen to £35K a day. That only comes from our taxes. We are paying for these people to fill up their otherwise humdrum days. I am involved, we all are, it's just that most of us can't afford it. Don't lecture the rest of us who are paying for the fact that the retirees and itinerants of Hunter's Bar haven't got hobbies.
  5. I remember reading a post on the STAG group where someone said that they should keep the trees of Broomhill as that was where the private schools are. Geo-Atkinson says that they don't want trees chopping down? Why? Why so blinkered? If they are dead, dying, diseased or disrupting people's houses, or the pathways that our old folk have to get around each day, then why not? If it's going to cost too much money to look after them as they get older then why not cut them down? As an authority, there is no money knocking around. When they signed the contract with AMEY it was done on the basis that AMEY would replace 17500 street trees. That was the agreement, and there is no money to alter that agreement. The vast majority of Sheffield doesn't care, the majority on the streets affected don't care, that's why they didn't fill in their surveys. What don't you understand?
  6. Not only illegal, but stupid. Imagine how many amazing, talented people you could miss purely because of their age. Zuckerberg is 33.
  7. The fact that so many people have to ask this question is hideous.
  8. I love Brewdog, even though I know I shouldn't spend that kind of money.
  9. They get up in the morning, toast, marmalade and tea Sit listening to the Today show, maybe a bit of Radio 3 Then it’s on with Berghaus parka and Merrell walking boots Charged up phones, and grammar checked signs They’ve already drawn today’s battle lines Out the door, off they go Tree hugger, don’t you know? Meet up by the plane tree, the one that we’ve named Bill Talk about yesterday’s arrests, are they in custody still? Some will be late today, dropping kids off at private schools Then it’s shout about trees, and get arrested Protecting house prices cos they’ve invested Whose Streets, Our Streets, Tally Ho! Tree hugger, don’t you know? Meanwhile down in Page Hall, another lad gets stabbed Another kiddy orphaned, because they thought he’d blabbed An old man is sectioned, the coppers take him away A young girl sells herself for a fix, like every other day And my cousin at just twenty-nine, ends it all for good We tried to tell the doctors, it was obvious he would He’d come back from Afghanistan, a total utter mess He’d not got the help he should for his post-traumatic stress No, in Page Hall they’re not talking about the trees this Wednesday morn They’re just coping with the realities of having once been born Ooh, look here’s John and Alice, I think they’ve been away To their place down in the Vendee, they got back yesterday Hi folks, how goes the struggle, still getting stuck in? I say Alice, what a lovely tan Now come and scream at this Scottish man If we do, maybe they’ll go Tree hugger, don’t you know? I heard them say on the radio that someone might have lied Do you think it was Bryan Lodge (did he eat all the pies)? Oh, John you are so naughty, such a droll and edgy wit Don’t take our trees you council louse We might have to look at a council house That would be bad, I’d feel so low Tree hugger, don’t you know? It has to be said, in Burngreave, they don’t understand the fuss It’s a twenty minute ride away on the number 83 bus But the kids don’t get clothed by Ralph Lauren, they live their life with hunger And the facts of life are simple: they’ll die 15 years younger Than the kids who come from Totley, and holiday in France Who eat their tea from Waitrose, who benefit by chance From private education, BUPA, Tennis Clubs Monday night is football, on Thursday night it’s cubs Nobody ever shouts for them, takes up their pitiful case Is it simply that they’re poor, wrong accent, outlook, race? Or is it much more basic, are we being unkind? Just that down there in the sewer, they’re out of sight, out of mind I’ve bought a plastic trumpet, going to blow it in the face Of a security guard from Amey, it will be simply ace I’ll annoy him and annoy him until he finally pops He’s had kids at a very young age Stood on the streets for minimum wage I don’t care, hear my trumpet blow! Tree hugger, don’t you know? This is about democracy, not about being middle class I mean, just look at Alan, and his wife that chunky lass They’ve not got good jobs, not got any money But they inherited the house from Alan’s Mum She’d spin in her grave seeing what they’ve done You shouldn’t take our trees away, no Tree hugger don’t you know? Abbeydale Road still simmers with tensions every night Young lads with knives are petrified but again, prepared to fight Some kid, don’t know him, got sanctioned, all a load of fuss Cos he missed signing on on Thursday, when he didn’t get the bus It didn’t come cos it was snowing, but the woman doesn’t care Just another number in the system, another loser sitting there Get a job, work is good Get out of this neighbourhood I can’t. You won’t let me. You’ve sorted your life out Now you’re pulling up the ladders, so this oafish little lout Can’t get onto your streets, can never make it there In fact why would he even think it, why does he even dare? You’ve gone as far as you can go You’re pointless don’t you know? Another day all finished, and the police were very rude Now everyone down London Road, for Azerbaijani food We’ll laugh and joke and drink merlot all through this lovely night Then sleep like babies, and do it again Whilst four homeless chaps cuddle up to their friends How did they die, I don’t give a blow! Tree hugger don’t you know?
  10. Where were the tree huggers? Oh yes, it doesn't affect them does it? If it's not knocking money off their houses, they don't give a stuff.
  11. That's the problem we have today. You genuinely think that don't you? No, I'm annoyed at the way we've allowed ourselves to become so centered, and forget our neighbours. And the way that this tree situation has blown up is ridiculous. We don't need sanctimonious musicians with privately educated kids to tell us how to protest. We need to kick down the barriers that mean they will live 15 years longer than if they were growing up in Firth Park. ---------- Post added 27-02-2018 at 13:50 ---------- They can either spend the money on the extra police that were used yesterday, or spend it shoring up the team investigating CSE. They can't spend it twice. Protesters know they are costing the city and SYP money, and they don't care. They are the most selfish of protesters. At least the people at the fracking protest have some kind of environmental argument, this crowd just want to keep the value of their vastly inflated houses up, whilst most young adults can't get anywhere near a house.
  12. Oh please. The good folk of Nether Edge know that Sharrow and Abbeydale Road are just round the corner from them. This isn't Syria we're talking about, this is all Sheffield.
  13. Well, I started a new thread as I didn't think any of the other threads addressed the issue of simply wishing these bleeding hearts weren't getting so much air time. I notice that the has been moved into a thread about Sandford Grove Road. I don't know what that is, which is why I didn't post in the thread. My point is that this is being blown out of all proportion by the magnification of the media. In much the same way that Farage has been on QT 34 times despite never being elected MP, these empty cans with big marbles in them are attracting attention. The real issues and inequalities in our city are being ignored because of the time that council are wasting on these people's property portfolios. All being done whilst more of our children that ever before are going to work without eating. For shame. ---------- Post added 26-02-2018 at 19:00 ---------- Exactly. Trees are sexy, trying to clean up Shirecliffe isn't. To see the point, look at the exclusively white, male, middle aged line up that they have to do their fundraiser. How very Sheffield.
  14. I've had enough by now of these tree protesters making use of the fact that they are retired, and better than averagely educated so can make the most of getting publicity for something that the majority of Sheffield doesn't care about. I now see that the middle classes and the millionaires are joining forces at The City Hall where they can play a gig with the Everly Pregnant Brothers, and listen to Jarvis DJ (!), whilst all feeling good and proletariat about their actions. In reality, these "working class" northern lads wouldn't be getting involved with tree protests if it wasn't taking place outside their posh houses. As the S11 set party on down in the City Hall Ballroom (ironically a council venue), I hope some of them will look at the thousands, nay tens of thousands of pounds that are being spent subsidising their new found hobby of "getting offended". They weren't tempted out when Sure Starts closed, or when PIP started killing people, or when families were ripped apart because of the bedroom tax. They haven't been seen on the streets of Firth Park getting upset about the raging inequality in our city, or organising a fundraiser for a food bank. But do something that might knock 5K off their house, and they are in the city hall before you can say "champagne socialist". This is a none issue. They've been thrown out of court three times, let the council get on with the job it was elected to do, and let the police investigate crime.On Facebook today, they were all crowing about how many police they had had up there today, and how much it cost. They didn't mention the those cops may be better employed helping out people in need today, or investigating the rapes of 1500 children in Rotherham. Of course they didn't, because it doesn't affect them. By the time they've paid the council the rent on the city hall, and hired in a pa and lights, they'll raise next to nothing.They could have chucked in a grand each and raised more. But no-one would have seen that, and I n middle class land, charity is only worth doing if it gets you in the press. There are those of us who work daily in our communities have looked on with envy at the amount of media being given to this story, it's taken all the noise, as it's taking all the money. For gods sake, get it over with then they can go back to pretending they're working class because their Dad once walked past Steel Peach and Tozer.
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